Monday, December 22, 2008

Jackie Chan Adventures: Viper (Bonus)

So how many of you were able to figure out which Jackie Chan girl I was planning to tribute next? :-) Well anyway, this sexy reformed female thief was one of the hottest things about the show. Enjoy guys!!!

(These were capped from the 2nd half of a 2 part Jackie Chan Adventures Episode entitled "The Book of Ages". Once again I have to tip my hat to the Legendary Match25 (The Master of Sole Shots himself) for finding this ultra-rare barefoot Viper appearance.)

Viper doesn't appear in the Jackie Chan cartoon nearly often enough and she's hardly ever barefoot when she does. Nevertheless this "Crafty" member of the J-team made such an impression on me that I couldn't help lamenting the lack of a good barefoot scene involving her when Match revisited this series with that awesome Jade episode. In response Match sent me this episode of the series and needless to say I was dancing around my computer when I saw it. :-D Strangely enough, I had watched this episode when it aired a while back but I didn't remember Viper was barefoot in it. ^_^; BTW "Book of Ages" is one of the best episodes in the Jackie Chan series (even without the fact that Viper is barefoot for an extended period of time)...If you haven't seen it yet...I highly recommend you check this out.

Ok everyone...that's will do it for today, but as usual...more to come soon!!


  1. im glad i remembered when i did, when u stated about the lack of barefoot Viper i too completely forgot about her being barefoot till it struck me out of the blue that there was almost a whole ep she was. Just glad now everyone else can now enjoy this reformed thief's lovely feet

  2. 'bout time you posted barefoot pics of this beauty.

  3. Hey Match25, I found out which episode you were talking about when Aelita was barefoot, its the episode "Is Anybody Out There?" man how could I miss that, she's like my favorite character in Code lyoko show