Monday, April 30, 2012

Fairy Tail: Lucy Heartfilia 3

Open Submissions Month comes to a close now with one last gigantic tribute to Fairy Tail's Lucy Heartfilia.

All I can say is...damn. Over 300 pictures of Lucy goodness. I'm impressed with how well-drawn her feet are, actually. Usually with shounen shows feet look blocky or otherwise cheaply done. Thanks again Meca-Yugi!

And that's it for Open Submissions Month.


  1. I'm somewhat puzzled as to why we haven't been getting any comments lately.

    1. Same here. My Splash Woman Bonus should've at least gotten some comments.

  2. Hey dudes! I'm back! Exams are over and I can finally say how awesome these Lucy posts have been! Nice work Unknown!!

    And to answer your question its probably we are just the new guys on here posting whatever which doesn't hold over as well as the longer going, more well known guys. Hell, most of my posts have been busts but you guys have done better than me and have been more productuive. Nice work! Whats next after Open Submission Month?

  3. What episodes are this from?

  4. What are the episodes? Please, for the love of Celesia, please tell me!!!

  5. Awesome!! Plus another girl off the list. Nice work Bambino.

  6. Why aren't these pics visible?