Monday, May 14, 2012

Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo: Beauty

Beauty is the female heroine of Bo-bobo's group and usually the only girl when Torpedo Girl or Suzu are not around. A stereotypical teenage manga heroine, she is one of the few sane characters who is the first to join Bo-bobo and was the only citizen to still have hair after the attack of the town she lived in. She initially wanted to join Bo-bobo because she sought a life of adventure.


  1. Hey, some sweet news, Terra of DC Comics will be appearing in the new Ravagers series of DC's new 52, and she's been design to be a barefooter.

  2. dear gosh how did someone watch that without going insane?

    1. hey Match25 Kamichu is an anime series that lasted only 16 episodes (12 on TV and 4 on DVD) but it has Barefoot girls

  3. Great! I hope there much more of her.

  4. you missed an episode for beauty