Saturday, June 15, 2013

In the Evening of a Moonlit Night

This is a short that was included in a series of shorts called Digital Juice. It has no plot and is just several random scenes.


  1. I really like the art style and the animation is gorgeous. And it's really nice to see foot worship depicted in a romantic way. :)

    1. Amen brother. It seems like foot worship is always put in a negative light but in this I'm glad to see its used to show how a guy can appreciate his girl

  2. Wonderful post! I actually found the foot worship clip a long time ago and was wondering what anime this was! Been bugging me for years lol

  3. Wow this looks like a nice movie. We really don't get see enough foot worship in anime. ^_^ Great find!!

  4. Ah man you beat me to it! I was just about to post these. Oh well, at least you were able to find out the name of this before you posted it. Great work man!