Sunday, June 9, 2013

Pokemon: Narissa

Narissa is a Pokemon trainer that the gang meets in episode 641. She is initially very incompetent, but Brock teaches her to be better.


  1. She has a very interesting design. Her top half is more girly with the shirt and poofy hair, while her lower half is more slacker-ish and boyish with the baggy pants, unused suspenders and flip-flops. All in all I like it. :)

  2. Never thought the Flint cosplayer would get on here. Nice post. Maybe we could see more CotDs?

    1. Her attire is basically based off of Flint, one of the Sinnoh Elite 4. And I wonder if we'll see more one-shot characters.

  3. So if she was incompetent, does that mean:

    "Hey, I'll help you be a better trainer if ya let me suck your toes. :D "