Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Soul Eater: Crona Gorgon

Happy Halloween!

(NOTE: Crona's gender has never been stated, and even the manga's author is unsure of what it will ultimately be. However, I consider Crona female because the VA is a woman).


  1. eh the VA being a woman means nothing. Bart Simpson's VA is a women. i think this should be deleted since it is quite clear this could be a guy

  2. I like androgynous characters, so I don't see any problem with her(?). :P

  3. I think if you have to question a gender, don't post it.

  4. She? is awesome anyway, so i really liked this post :D

  5. i wanna be a contributor what are the requirements? please respond

    1. If you want to be a contributor/poster need to e-mail me at

      There is a little bit of an audition process for new contributors. I just need to go over the rules with you and see what type of material you want to post.

  6. Yeah Voice Actresses do not necessarily = female characters. Naruto and Goku are both voiced by women too. I'm content to leave the character up though until/if there is definitive proof that the character isn't female.

    In any case Happy Halloween everyone!!