Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Peter Pan: Wendy Darling

Wendy is a very feminine character, with somewhat motherly care for others. She reminds the lost boys of their own mothers. She was the first one of the Darling children to ask to return home. She has a soft spot for Peter and envies the attention he pays Tiger Lily; she has reason to dislike Tinker Bell, but thinks her lovely anyway (namely after the latter calls her a "big ugly girl"). She has a very tame personality, wanting the best for everyone and grudging no one: even when the mermaids tease her nastily, she worries about the danger of their teasing more than their nastiness itself. She is naive, wise, and mature, and very trusting and faithful to her standards of conscience.


  1. Oh hey, nice find! I never realized she was drawn with toes in that snippet. I assumed she had blob feet without toes like Cinderella and Aurora :P

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  3. Too bad that she wan't barefoot for the whole movie, as in the 2004 live action film.