Saturday, February 14, 2015

Jackie Chan Adventures: Jade Chan

Taking a break from Black History Month.

Despite being cute and tomboyishly beautiful, Jade is adventurous, stubborn and impulsive, almost always disobeying Jackie's advice to remain in safety since she prefers to accompany him to see him fight; thus she gets into - or even causes - a lot of mischief. Just as often, however, her impulsiveness, quick mind and flexible thinking helps save the day in situations where Jackie's moderate thinking and sometimes exaggerated caution prove a definite hindrance.

Happy Chinese New Year!


  1. i dont recall the ep where she is in a swimsuit

    1. It was called J2 Revisited and it was the last episode before the two-part series finale. It didn't get rerun very often.

  2. It's a shame her future counterpart never got more focus. Would have loved to see her in a swimsuit. XD