Friday, September 9, 2016

Sailor Moon: Chibiusa

Chibiusa is the future daughter of Neo-Queen Serenity and King Endymion in the 30th century, she later trains with Sailor Moon to become a Sailor Soldier in her own right and learns to transform into Sailor Chibi Moon. At times she has an adversarial relationship with her mother in the 20th century, as she is more mature than Usagi, but as the series progresses they develop a deep bond. Chibiusa wants to grow up to become a lady like her mother.


  1. Chibiusa (Rini) is so adorable and innocent. When I first saw the show on TV, I was sort of surprise she change her clothes into her pajamas in front of Pegasus. But she is not a tart, and Pegasus is not a pervert. :)

  2. Why are all the pink-hair girls, like Chibiusa, so attractive?

  3. I'm so glad these were reuploaded! Chibiusa has such adorable feet, especially in the last shots!