Thursday, December 1, 2016

Vividred Operation: Wakaba Saegusa

Wakaba is a determined sword fighter and captain of New Oshima Academy's Female Kendo Club. She is also a classmate of Akane's and is the president of her class. She is competitive and hates to lose, but she also loves cute things, most often shown by her doting on Momo and Himawari. She is a bit awkward because of her earnestness, and she often draws the short straw. She gains access to the Vivid System after resolving to fight alongside Akane, her color being green.


  1. She cute and it kind of makes me think about Bamboo blade

  2. Finding a post dedicated to my personal favorite girl from "Vividred Operation" is a very pleasant surprise for me. Thank you for posting the wonderful images of my Vividred waifu. 8D