Thursday, April 1, 2010

Twilight Feet: Angela Webber

Wow I knew Twilight Feet was going to be big but I never imagined it would be met with this much enthusiasm. :-D Some of you have even decided to turn as pale as Edward in honor of the new direction this site is heading in. ^_^ Anyway for the maiden tribute of this is a tribute to Bella's shy classmate Angela Webber.

(These are all various webfinds ^_^)

Being a minor character in the series and only having a couple of scenes in the first two films Angela Webber doesn't show her feet that often so I tossed a few pictures of her actress Christian Serratos into the mix as well. You know a girl is hot when as a side character she manages to draw attention away from the lead female star in the brief moments she appears. If you watch the films, you can't help but make a note of cute brunette in glasses eventhough your storyline is meant to keep your attention elsewhere.

One of the things that I found really hot about the actress Christian Serratos is that her toenails are painted in almost every picture that she displays her feet. Nice to see an actress draw attention to her toes like that.

Ok everyone...more Vampire Romance excitement to come soon!


  1. Holy Mother Screwing Shit,You Were Serious!

    Maybe you should change your name from KingSideCastle to Turner Broadcasting Copier,Triton.

    because your doing Exactly what Turner Broadcasting did to Cartoon Network.

    But than again,maybe I'm jumpin the gun here and this is part of you're Sick and Twisted April fool's Joke.

  2. I guess you weren't here for Star Trek feet last year Stefan. ;-)

  3. Not a Twilight fan by any means but at least she goes barefoot a few times. ;)

    Only thing I noticed is that she appears to look odd without shoes on... o.0? Really strange, unless she has really long feet that need to be shod. ^^;

  4. Oh yeah this one was an interesting search. When I was looking her up I wasn't sure I would be able to find any barefoot pictures involving her because she only had a few minutes of screen time. Luckily other people noticed her in the film too. ^_^

    I also noticed a huge fluctuation in her appearance and attractiveness levels as well. For me it was her hairstyles though. Some of them work and some of them didn't make her look too flattering. I also think she looks kind of nice when she's wearing glasses. *Blushes* I wonder if she wears them in really life.