AF Bloggers

Just a list of Anime Feet's Current Roster of Bloggers. (Please note that a lot of the bios are fictionalized. Please take them with a grain of salt. ^_^)

Nickname: KSC, Castle
Specialty: Writing, Capping, Site Design

Bio: Site Founder, writer, site designer, columnist and blogger (wow he does a lot ^_^;), KSC one day found himself confronted by various women from anime, videogames, cartoons and comics all of whom believe that their feet should be tributed. Coerced at footpoint to create a site dedicated to them, KSC has written over 600 entries devoted to a lot of his favorite female character's feet. During that time, he's been tormented, teased, used as a foot massager, foot cleaner, pedicurist and forced to worship the feet of every girl he's tributed. It's definitely a dirty job but somebody's got to do it. ^_^;

Nickname: The Legendary Master of Sole Shots
Specialties: Capping, Soles, Tomboys, Research

Bio: The Legendary Master of Sole Shots himself, Match has traveled around the world, across time, and into outer space, risked his life against pirates, evil queens, and amazons just to be able to get some images of their feet to show you guys. Over the years he's been doing this, he's managed to cap and collect thousands of images involving woman's soles. When it comes to sole scenes he's the #1 expert. ^_^

Nickname: The Scissor Scene Expert
Specialties: Writing, Scissor Scenes, Ikkitousen,

Bio: Writer, capper, strategy game lover and blogger extroadinaire, Breakthewalls is Anime Feet's submission hold expert. His extensive knowledge on femdom scenes, and scissor holds come from years of enduring them at the hands (or rather legs and feet) of some of the toughest female fighters in the business. He trains with Ryoumou Shimei on a daily basis honing his skills and is always up for another challenge.  ^_^

Nickname: The Realm Master
Specialties: Writing, Sprite Editing, Blogging

Bio: A hardcore retrogamer and classic cartoon fan, Stefan has been writing, blogging and creating sprite related artwork for over 10 years now and founded several groups in the process. An avid Sailor Moon, Final Fantasy, Dragon Ball, Street Fighter and Megaman fan, Stefan has made it his life work to destroy his sworn enemies the Trio of Darkness.

Speciaties: Blogging, Writing, Capping, Heresy, Tickling

Bio: Taking the blogging world by storm. Heretichero has creating 2 awesome blogs in the past year. During his time as a blogger he's shown himself to have a variety of different talents such as artwork, writing, capping etc. This guy has done cosplay posts, animations, tributed sexy fighters, and knocked the ball out of the park with all of them. Some of his best posts (of which there are many of them) include tributes to Asian Feet, an awesome set of valentines day tributes to his favorite couples, and a hot set of tomboy posts. If you get the chance be sure to visit his blog Foot Fetish Exstraviganza too. ^_^

Specialties: Tutorials

An alias for another member of the blog, Checkmate's specialty is tutorial posts. He runs a blog with basic tips and tricks involving the web known as tools of the trade a lot of which pertain to this blog as well. ^_^ 

Nickname: Unknown
Specialties: Capping

A dedicated blogger and expert organizer. Bambino has established himself as a master capper posting over 100 entries in the short span of a year. He's really been responsible for some amazing series of posts including a 3 part tribute to Fairy Tail's heroine Lucy as well as tribute sets to the women of Scooby Doo just to name a few.

Nickname: The Pokemon Expert
Specialties: Pokemon, Webfinds, Zelda, Videogame News

Bio: When it comes Pokemon scenes and videogame information in general, Juancho is this site's primary source. With any project he works on, Juancho is an expert at tracking down any data and information scenes related to his target.

Nickname: Master of Smelly Feet
Specialties: Writing, Smelly Feet

Bio: Without Melroser, this site wouldn't exist.  A gifted author, his foot related fanfiction has inspired a generation of readers, writers and bloggers and fans alike.

Nickname: ???
Specialties: Variety

Former Rookie, now experienced poster, Action has completed the legendary triple cross posting tributes to characters from Anime, Cartoons and Videogames over the course of a single year. ^_^

Kissing The Pink

Nickname: (None)

Specialties: Capping, Comics, Blogging, Blog Designs
Bio: Founder of , Kissing The Pink is a keen blogger; dedicated to finding the most rarest and sought after images of beautiful female animated feet. A lone wolf among the other cappers, Kissing The Pink's never too far behind the rest of the Pack.

Nickname: AC
Specialties: Artwork, Capping

Bio: Atomic Chinchilla has been a longtime supporter of these blog contributing material for some of the really elaborate bonus sets such as the Beauty and the Beast, Cheetara, and Evangelion tributes. A big fan of action, dark and surreal anime, Atomic Chinchilla has already been responsible for some really excellent tribute sets including tributes to the Kill La Kill women and a rare foot fondling moment from Trigun. In addition to that he is an artist and animator of considerable skill and talent. Be sure to check out his Deviant Art page for his artwork.


Destiny Dueler:
Specialties: Writing, Capping

Capt. Wolf
Specialties: Writing

One of the great authors of Writing.Com

Nickname: ???
Specialties: Anime Specialist, Capping

A longtime supporter of this blog, Richfeet has assisted with many of the tributes here in the past. He also contributes to the blog Kawaii feet as well. A skilled capper and poster...we're very lucky to have him on board.

Nickname: ???

Denzal Mart
Nickname: ???

Nickname: ???

Flynn Mars
Nickname: Flynn

Specialties: Animated Gif Creation, Tribute organizer, Pokemon

Since joining the site last year. Has taken the site by storm posting a wide variety of material from anime, cartoons, videogames and comics. :-D He currently holds the Anime Feet record for most consecutive days of posting. :-D

Specialties: Series Completion,  Wrestle Angels

Specialties: Videogame Capping

Specialties: Redheads, Anime

Nickname: Reservoir Dog
Specialties: Films

One of our top operatives in the film industry. Q.T. is responsible for a lot of great barefoot movie moments including several popular female celebrities such as Uma Thurman, Salma Hayek, Bridget Fonda, Rosario Dawson and Diane Kruger as well as some of the much jawdropping barefoot moments in film. ^_^

I just want thank everyone of this bloggers for contributing and posting to the site. Hopefully I'll be able to some others to join the blogging team in the future as well.

In addition to that there are a lot of viewers, contributors and inspirations who really help to keep the site going as well that I really want to take the opportunity to thank as well among them...

Shadowmandude, Starky, JTurner, Ayane Matrix, Richfeet, Savantome, Lawliet, Mr. E, Capt. Wolf, Atomic_Chinchilla, Chilled_Bones, Jean Grey, The Sole Keeper, Huntress, BBB, Bountydog, Kiddo, Jedisho1234, Vincanity, Samspider, Kyle, Hinata-Chan, Bunny, Princess Azula, Vordertur, Howdyboy, His Divine Shadow, Supergirl, Kyore, Spoonorca, Goodforthesoles, LTI-Hudson-5340, Thomas Frend, Lionel Braithwaite, Why_Zee_Ex, Mhar, Money $ign, Chris, Totally Spies! animation team, Libra, Martin, Iceninja9276, Fox, Lilipoot, Jinto, Mr. Bushido, Calvin3, Sandmaster, Mask Greene, Alaaraafpoe, Scruffs, Atomsk, Watermaiden15, Torborg, Veroom, Avatar's animation team, Digiharrisom, Disney's animation team, Epsilon7466mk2, Starky, Feetintheclouds, Mr. Cool, and Ino Yamanaka just to name a few. :-)

I know I'm forgetting a lot of others too...I'll definitely keep updating this page. Thanks very much everyone!