Hi Everyone,
I decided to do a section for Frequently Asked Questions. If you guys have any questions you want to ask, you can leave it in the comments sections of the posts and I'll respond to it. Here are some of the ones that I get asked a lot though.

1) Do you have an E-mail address that I can reach you at?

Yes...If you want you guys can email me

2)  I have pictures/caps involving a female character...can I send them to you so that you can post them here?

Sure I'd love to see them. ^_^

3) Can you cap (insert scene/character's name  here)?

I'll try. Just leave a comment or e-mail me about the scene you want me to cap. The more specific you are about a character or scene, the easier it is for me to cap the scene. For example if you were to ask me to cap Rogue barefoot from the beginning of the X-men Evolution episode Grim Reminder, it's a lot easier for me to find and cap than if you were to say Rogue is barefoot in an episode of X-men evolution.

If you can provide a link to an episode/clip of the episode where the girl appears that makes it even easier. ^_^

4) (Insert videogame/comic book/cartoon/movies  woman's name here) is not an anime girl.

Yeah I know. ^_^; Despite the fact that the site is named Anime feet. It doesn't deal exclusively with anime girls. Pretty much any fictional female character can be tributed here. I also post some live women too on occasion.

For those that are curious about the name, originally the site was intended to have Anime reviews as well as foot content on it but the foot tributes were so popular that the site eventually shifted its focus. I still post the occasional anime or movie review though.

5) When will (insert bonus name) be posted?

^_^; It can usually take me awhile to post something. If it is taking exceptionally long it usually means that I'm saving a set of caps for a megatribute or series. Those have been known to take awhile to organize.

I just want to note that it's very rare that anyone complains about this. Most of you are very nice and patient about it as well as encouraging about the posts too. I really appreciate that a lot and it makes it a real pleasure to post material. Thanks very much to everyone for that.

Ok those are all the usual questions that I remember for now. I'll try to add more later.