Monday, July 22, 2019

Kyoto Animation Arson Incident

This is non-foot related news but this is important, if you haven't heard the tragic incident at Kyoto Animation last Thursday morning at Studio 1 well, it was burned down completely by an criminal named Shinji Aoba, he claimed that Kyoto Animation was ripping off his novels but no work of no record of anyone submitting work to their annual writing contest under his name, another reason was that he wanted revenge for that but no reason was announced. The explosion itself killed 34 people, injured one person, and destroyed all materials and computers in Studio 1 which causes several current of their works getting delayed or cancelled. If you want to help out, please go to this link to donate. Also the reason why I'm telling you this is because I had been working on posts for A Silent Voice which was produced by Kyoani, and several girls from Sound! Euphonium.

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Please Twins: Karen Onodera

She's a bit withdrawn, and has the same blue eyes that Maiku and Miina have. Having been brought through an all-girl's school, she hasn't had much contact with boys. She has a habit of fainting with a "Nyuuuuun" whenever she has a shock to the system. She's also living under Maiku's roof. Like Miina, she also develops feelings for Maiku, though she doesn't act on them for the same reasons as Miina.

Ichigo Morino
An evidently shrewd young woman who is seemingly wise beyond her (apparent) years, and who associates with very few friends. Surprisingly, even though she resembles a diminutive 15 year old or perhaps younger, her real age is 21; her physical development was stunted due to her "standstills", in the same way that they affect Kei. She had been in a "standstill" for 6 years. Ichigo's loss of time and her sense of life cruelly having passed her by due to the illness (she wistfully reveals to Kei that she has a younger sister who is now married and expecting a child) tends to cause her to have a much more cynical and serious demeanor than is normal for someone of her seeming age, which is sometimes commented upon by her (much younger) friends. 
In order to prevent the triggering of 'standstills', her emotional expression is very subdued and phlegmatic. But for all her apparent depressive state, she is in fact very caring, attempting to assist both Koishi and Kei by acting as a 'matchmaker' for the two, because her own losses have been felt so keenly, and because she doesn't want her friends to experience the kind of heartache she has felt by their wasting opportunities for closeness that she has been forced to endure. 
She is quiet but fiercely independent, currently living alone in a rather Spartan apartment, partly on her own initiative so that her (well-to-do) family wouldn't be burdened by her malady. She still maintains ties to her family, providing at least a semblence of normality. At one point she confesses to Kei that had they met earlier and revealed their mutual affliction to each other sooner, they might have become closer. 
Her keen mind causes her to suspect the too-often 'coincidences' regarding their former teacher's departure, the new one's arrival and strange events in their neighborhood immediately after that to be connected, but her much younger and guile-less friends dismiss those connections. She also deduces that Kei and Mizuho repeatedly being found together in unusual situations to be the result of a covert relationship, but does not alert the authorities, preferring to observe the situation to verify it, proving herself to possess a formidable intellect as well as no small degree of compassion.

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