Sunday, September 21, 2014

Hey Arnold: Phoebe Heyerdahl

Phoebe is Helga's best friend. Helga usually takes advantage of Phoebe's good nature, forcing her to do whatever Helga wants.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Hey Arnold: Summer

Summer was Arnold's short-lived girlfriend in "Summer Love".

Storm Revolution Summer DLC

So Storm Revolution came out with DLC with Summer well it was Pre Order DLC from some BestBuy I was able to get it on ebay for 5 bucks so I was happy the amazing thing about this set is all the girls are barefoot in their fights so it's pretty much a beautiful Dream to play as them. Story Mode has free roam so you can run around as the girls barefoot and it may sound pervy but it's quite fun haha to do. I don't like Hinata but I included her since she's popular

TenTen is my favorite of these 4 (Konan, Kurenai, and Tayuya are my top 3 Naruto girls)
 I played in Free Roam for a bit with TenTen in this and it was quite fun =P

Then I know KSC loves Ino so I added a few more of her, the funny thing is she gets a lot of close ups of her feet in her attacks compared to the other girls, even her Ultimate Jutsu has her hop up on her feet and then foot slap her opponent, before it was just in her shoes but now you can do it barefoot and I must say she can kick me all she wants ><;

Well there ya go and if you wanna see them in action just go to youtube and Type in Summer DLC gameplay not sure if I can link to them can't remember KSC's rules on linking haha