Sunday, April 13, 2014

TMNT 2012: April O'Neil

In this version of the show, she's the tomboyish daughter and only child of scientist Dr. Kirby O'Neil. April is 16 years old, one year older than the Turtles, but younger than in most versions of the character. She likes to play video games and eat pizza.

TMNT 2003: April O'Neil

In this version of the show, April served as an assistant to Baxter Stockman until his Mouser experiments got out of control, and after the Turtles saved her, she became a faithful friend, ally, and "big sister" to them.

(These are capped from the 2003 TMNT series episode 5. A special thank you to Black Viper for the tip off to this scene.)

Friday, April 11, 2014

Stripperella: Triple Post

Ok...a brand new triple feeture tonight sent in by none other than the Legendary Master of Sole Shots himself. This one is dedicated to the girls from the Adult cartoon Stripperella. This was a series that aired on Spike TV from 2003-2004. It focused on a Stripper who also works as Secret Agent and Superheroine. Despite the fact that the series dealed with mature themes, the series was quite lighthearted with a lot of tongue in cheek humor making it quite fun to watch. There were also quite a few good foot scenes involving its female characters as you'll see below. Let's start with the female lead.
Erotica Jones

We really should do a list of the barefoot escape scenes in the future...this would definitely be there as one of the top ones.

As the titular heroine of the series, Erotica possesses a number of skills that make her an effective crimefighter and secret agent. Not only is she skilled at a "Sexy" style of martial arts, she possesses superhuman strength, "Astonishing" intelligence, and "Killer" moves. Her body is impervious to all temperatures and weather conditions and she has the ability to glide using her blonde hair as a parachute.  As a secret agent, she has a number of bond like gadgets at her disposal. This character is voiced by Baywatch Hottie Pamela Anderson. A really good choice of casting on the part of the producers. :-)


Giselle is a naive but good natured country girl who works with Erotica at the Tenderloin the strip club that they performs at. Judging from the above caps, Giselle is really quite flexible and obvious quite skilled at pole dancing. ^_^


(A Special Thank You to Match25 for finding and capping all of these are from various episodes of the Stripperella series)

I was trying to google Kat to find out more about this elusive character. All I could was a brief Wikipedia describing her as antagonistic. She apparent gets hired by the Tenderloin under the false pretense of pretending to be an Amish virgin. She seems like a spicy character. :-)

An interesting bit of trivia about the Stripperella series is that it was created by Stan Lee. I definitely was surprised to hear he was involved in it. Then again if you seen the Marvel know that guy is everywhere. Mwa ha ha ha!!

Ok guys on that maniacal laugh...I'm going to end this entry here but as always...more to come soon!!