Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Hey Arnold! Thanksgiving Feast Part 1: Helga Pataki

In Celebration of Thanksgiving and The Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie I think it would be appropriate to have a feast of Hey Arnold girl’s feet this week. Starting with the appetizer Helga i'm going to be honest here I don't like Helga but I can't ignore her. Before you say it, Yes I know I left out the foot massage scene but that's because I didn't like that scene it was weird, awkward and it made me uncomfortable.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Nichijou: Nano Shinonome

A robot girl who was built by Hakase and lives with her and Sakamoto, acting as the matron of the house. Hakase is constantly upgrading her against her will, and Nano worries this will betray the fact that she is a robot, despite the presence of the obvious metal key in her back. Is 1 year old but designed as a 16 year old. Her toes can fire like missiles.