Wednesday, August 20, 2014

What About Mimi?: Hayley Kinaschuk

Sincerity's "lackey", although she is kind and many times disagrees with Sincerity, and is good friends with Mimi, Elaine and Russell.

What About Mimi?: Sincerity Travers

A snobbish preppy teenybopper with pink hair who, sometimes, does not get along with Mimi. She and Mimi used to be friends years ago, but as they got older, their interests diverged, and they started growing apart. She is Mimi's rival in school, and although she does not get along with her, she admits that her ideas are pretty good and helps with some of her schemes. Even if she does not get along with Mimi, she has a resentful respect for her, showing that deep inside, Sincerity still considers her a true friend.

What About Mimi?: Elaine Pituskin

Mimi's best friend who is of Inuit descent. She is an animal and nature lover, and owns lots of pets. She can be temperamental and argue with Mimi at times, but she always looks up to Mimi as her best friend, in turn, Mimi respects her a lot.