Sunday, June 17, 2018

FLCL Progressive: Aiko

Not much is known on this new character as of yet except she went on a blind date with Mori, the short fat guy with the glasses and she's an cynical teenage girl who ran an compensated dating service that Mori took advantage of to try and impress his friends. For a girl like her, she does wear such lovely sandals.

Nisemonogatari: Group Shots

And Finally we have group shots for Nisemonogatari.  I hope you enjoyed the series.


FLCL Progressive: Hidomi (Episode 3)

This is from the beach episode of Progressive, I was a bit disappointed that we never give to see a full picture of her swimsuit during her time at the beach even though it was shown  later, I didn't have time to do gifs because I had personal stuff to take care of, so cool it.