Sunday, March 18, 2018

Real Life Pisses Me Off

I Have No place for my laptop in my current living quarters,so I can't post any pics..yet. I can only use my tablet for now and It may be another year until my situation changes. So I was wondering KSC if I could contribute to this blog in another way until then?

I wanna post some written works,like fan fics and stuff. I await your answer.

A Centaur's Life: Manami Mitama

She is the class president of Nozomi's class. Her family runs a shrine and she works part-time as a shrine maiden. She has four sisters all younger than her own. The first three younger sisters are triplets and have the appearance of cat-man, despite being half-angel like Manami. The youngest sister has the appearance of both angel and and her father's species. Unlike Manami, Suetsumi does not have a halo.