Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Sofia the First: Princess Amber

Princess Amber is Sofia's stepsister and the twin sister of Prince James. Although she cares for family and friends, she can be a little vain and prissy in certain regards to what she thinks being a princess is all about.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Poll 57 Results

Happy Labor Day Everyone!! The 57th poll of the month has officially come to an end.  After 695 votes, here are the results....
Wow this was definitely one of the closest polls I've seen on the site. I was guessing who was going to win this one right up until the end. When the smoke finally cleared though...it looks like Reiko Hinamoto managed to pin her opponents ultimately claiming the win and proving that her feet are the ones that most people would enjoy submitting to. In second place was the DOA fighter Tina Armstrong and in third was the rare hottie Sakura Hagiwara. (I'll try to do tributes for all 3 girls ^_^) Don't feel too bad for the rest of these women though. They all proved to have foot fans of their own and none of them scored less than 24 votes.

Ok ...as always I just want to give a massive thank you to everyone who voted and I'll definitely try to keep your opinions in mind in the future. Also a really big thank you to female submission hold expert Breakthewalls for helping me come up with wrestlers for this poll. ^_^

A little bit of a heads up for Writing.com fans. This week is Writing.com's 14th anniversary and they are giving away a lot of rewards this week. Not only can you get 14 times the gift points for reviewing stories but you also get additional gift points for every new author you review. I really recommend reviewing now while the payout is high. At the very least, make sure to log into your accounts every day this week. You get 1400 points a day just for logging in. I'll be reviewing stories on the site myself all week too. If you have any stories you want me to review just let me know and I'll do it for you. I'll also try to do a spotlights segment  here highlighting some of the new stories I find. :-D It should be a fun week. ^_^

Alright guys...that's all for now. I'll try to have a new poll for you guys tonight. Have a great day everyone!! ^_^

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Pokemon: Cynthia / Shirona (Mega-Post)

Ok...here is a tribute that I've really been looking forward to publishing...a mega-post to the Champion of the Sinnoh Region Cynthia. The sponsor for this tribute DaVonte Wagner, (a huge Cynthia fan) really went all out collecting, requesting, commissioning, capping and even drawing pictures of this character himself. As a result the tally of images for this post reached over 400 in number. :-D All I can say is Enjoy guys!! 
There is a really wide range of Cynthia artwork available out there. Some of it is official Pokemon Artwork while others are fanart. In the spirit of Pokemon, I tried to post as many picture of the Pokeleague champion as possible. As a result these pictures represent a wide range of talent from beginners to more experienced artists.
I think it's really impressive that there is such a wide range of artwork and artists attempting to draw her. It just goes to show how popular she is as a character.

Trivia Fact: This picture references one of Cynthia's lines in the game where she asks the player what swimsuit should she wear. Sadly we don't get to see her in the swimsuit during the game but it does get the player fantasizing quite a bit about it. ^_^;
You guys know how fans are. :-) They like to ship characters. One of the popular pairings for Cynthia has her with Steven the champion of the Hoen region. ^_^ It makes sense considering their respective roles in the games.
I see Dawn get paired with her a lot too. ^_^;
Wii-fit Woot!!

If you guys are regular visitors to this site I probably don't need to tell you how badly in need of a cold shower the above picture makes me. ^_^;
Technical Note:  The above image is classified as a Cynthia Look Alike. ^_^;
I really love seeing her walk on the beach barefoot. ^_^

Cynthia also seems to get paired with Roselia a lot too in fanart. I guess it's a blond teamup sort of thing.


(All of those pictures are a combination of webfinds and caps from the Pokemon series. Included among them are caps from Pokemon Season 15 episodes 43, 45, and 49. Once again I really have to give a Massive Thank You to DaVonte for really putting a tremendous amount of work into this tribute. It's really impressive how much he put into this. I also want to thank pokemon fan Juancho for sending in material used in this tribute as well)

Oh but we're not done yet...in addition to the fanart above. There's also a wide range of deviant artwork available for her as well. 
Deviant Artwork

If these pictures weren't enough...be sure to check these earlier tributes for Cynthia's feet as well

*Whew* Feels like we referenced every single picture even remotely involving Cynthia feet known to man (within the pg-13 range). ^_^ Where there any that we missed? If so...let us know and we'll try to complete the collection. 

Cynthia is definitely one of my favorite Pokemon Woman. She's a really cool character both beautiful and intelligent. She's a powerful trainer too being the top trainer in the Sinnoh region. Those that have played the Pokemon games knows that she really test the player to the absolutely limit. The way that she dresses give you feeling that she might be dark and emo but she is actually really friendly and nice. She really fun to be around. ^_^

One of the nice surprises of  Black and White is that Cynthia makes a guest appearance in the game. She actually has a villa by the beach which she vacations at. I make sure to visit her every day in the seasons she is available. It's well with it since battling her provides a great deal of experience for your Pokemon. With her staying by the beach, I was really hoping that the anime would give us some fanservice allowing us to see her in a swimsuit. Regrettably this wasn't the case however the animators were kind enough to give her a summer outfit which allowed use to see her sandaled feet (as shown in the caps). Hopefully we'll get to see her barefoot in the anime or videogames too one day.

Ok everyone...I'd better call it a night... have a great weekend and as always...more to come soon!!