Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Legend of Korra: Asami (Bonus)

I was debating whether to post these now or wait to see if we'd luck out getting some better shots of Asami later on in the series. I decided to just go for it. Asami is so awesome that if we wind up getting better shots of her in the future I would be more than happy to give her a second tribute.
Asami's boots have underwent a couple of different designs as the series progressed.
In season 1 her boots were very similar to Azula's. I think standard fire nation type of footwear. ^_^
Later on the series' designers changed her footwear opting for riding boots instead.
I actually like the second type of footwear more and thinks she looks hot wearing them.
Like with most boots, there's that sexy teasing element of imagining her feet underneath them and really looking forward to see her taking them off. 
(These are a combination of caps from the Legend of Korra Season 1 episode 7 and the Season 3 Episode 8 with a dash of webfinds thrown in for good measure. Once again a special thanks to Blackviper and Atomic Chinchilla for the episode tip off and the mention of her. A big Thank you to the people working on the Legend of Korra series for fulfilling our dreams of getting to see their female characters barefoot as well)

I think that it is worth noting that Asami's has a particularly hot voice actress portraying her Seychelle Gabriel.

Avatar has no shortage of Awesome female characters and Asami definitely fits in with them nicely. She's beautiful, and intelligent, charming and sweet at the same time. In contrast with Korra who is a bit of a tomboy, Asami is more feminine knowing more about fashion and trends. At the same time she is a sauvy businesswoman running her own company (Future Industries) and she knows how to take care of herself.  She is very smart and she designs/operates a lot of really cool gadgets that she uses to help the team (boats, cars, mopeds, airships etc). While she doesn't possess bending abilities, she has had a lot of martial arts training and can hold her own in a fight. She uses gadgets to supplement her abilities such as electrified gloves and grappling hooks to supplement her skills.

With her gadgets, Asami sort of has a cool steampunk feel to her that suits her really well. I really like her a lot and unlike Avatar where I had a clear favorite female character, I find myself torn between which female character I like more Korra, Asami or Eska. Actually that's a pretty good discussion topic to end this entry with. We've done a lot of tributes to the Avatar women in the past. Do you guys have a favorite avatar girl? How about from Korra? Why do you like them?

As always...more to come soon!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Legend of Korra: Korra (Bonus)

Update: Added in an extra scene based on Atomic Chinchilla's recommendation. (14 new caps) ^_^ 

Hot off the press. Here's a tribute to the current avatar Korra. Korra is such a tease. Every time it looks like she is about to show a nice barefoot moment in the series, I get disappointed. I've been desperately hoping for good scenes of her feet for 2 seasons now. Luckily in the most recent episode, she finally gives us some awesome shots. I couldn't resist doing an immediate tribute to her the second I saw these scenes.
Extra Scene
(These are from The Legend of Korra Season 3 Episode 8  The Terror Within. A Massive Thank You To Black Viper for Tipping me off to this scene. You really made my week man.)

Korra is the new avatar who replaces Aang. She is wickedly cool. Like her predecessor, she can control all four elements and communicate with the spirit world.  Personality-wise she is a bit of a tomboy. She can be headstrong at times but that's because she has a lot of responsibility on her shoulders. Others times she can be playful. She has a fun sense of humor. She has a vulnerable side too which she shares with her friends and mentors.

I really enjoy the Korra series a lot. With the summer airing reruns, it's currently the only series that I'm watching regularly right now. (Though there are some animes I've been looking to get into.) I really recommend watching this series very much. If you seen the earlier series Avatar, you guys know what you're getting into. It a great blend of action, drama and comedy. In addition to that, the Korra series is set in a later period than when the Last Airbender took place allowing the series to have a more Steampunk feel in addition to Avatar's signature martial art/fantasy combination. Seriously...check it out if you're not watching it already guys. 

While I'm on the subject of Korra, let me spotlight some interactives that deal with characters from the series.
Avatar, Naruto and Foot Stink by Dylan M.
I've spotlighted my friend Dylan's Naruto/Avatar crossover interactive here a few time in the past. One of the newer story arcs though involves Naruto being at the mercy of female characters from the Korra series including Eska and Korra herself. It's definitely a fun read.

Shrunk on the Legend of Korra by Ghostwriter
This one is just developing but it has some nice potential for some great Gts/Foot fetish action in it. Currently there is an arc where Korra tortures Mako with her feet in it that is just getting underway.  O_O  

Those are basically the ones I've got for now. If you guys know any other good stories involving the Korra characters, just let me know and I'll spotlight them here. ^_^

Ok...I just want to apologize for not posting much lately. In addition to my real life getting in the way, (currently I'm working two jobs and taking certification training), I've been working on a lot of extracurricular projects simultaneously. One of them is my Interactive Comic Book Story (more on that in a future post) but a lot of them are behind the scenes projects for this site including a certain mascot character. ;-) There are also 3 or 4 mega-bonus sets that I've been working to organize. To my partners who been helping me put together material for those tributes (you guys know who you are), thanks for being so patient. I'm almost ready to post them.

All right everyone...that's all for tonight. Have a great weekend and more to come soon. ^_^