Saturday, October 27, 2012

Trip Update

Hi Everyone,
It’s been a long time. ^_^ Just wanted to give you an update on what has been going on with me just in case anyone was wondering. I don’t know how many people saw my last post before I left where I said I would be out of the country for a bit for my job. When I wrote that, I had originally thought that it would be only for a three month stint but it wound up being a lot longer than expected. As it stands, I’ll probably be away for another 6 more months.

It’s really been an intense couple of months. Work has been keeping me busy and I haven’t really had a chance to do any online activities because the internet here is very limited. My spare time has been almost nonexistent too. On the plus side the hot climate I’m living in has given me plenty of opportunities to see a lot of sandaled and bare feet. I’ve also learned some new programs and coding techniques. Hopefully I’ll be able to put them to good use here. 

When I finally found an internet connection where I could check my e-mail privately, I found that I had over 2000 new messages in my inbox. Of those 2000, I’ve gotten through about 500 so please don’t be too upset if some messages have fallen through or I haven’t responded to you. I’ll try to catch up.

I’m really glad to see the site is alive and well. I wasn’t sure if anyone would post or keep it going while I was gone but you guys have gone above and beyond what I hoped for. So far I’ve only gotten the chance to skim a couple of posts while I was away but they look good. A lot of people have been pitching in and posting and it seems like everyone is trying their best to keep the site going and do a good job.

Just a couple of words of advice guys. Please try to be nice to each other especially if you are one of the blog’s contributors. I put a lot of faith in you guys giving you access to the site and you of all people should know how much time and energy it takes to organize a post. (From experience when I was posting some of the tributes took months to cap, write and organize material for.) It’s very inconsiderate to the hard work of a blogger to ask someone to remove their posts. Bloggers thrive on positive feedback and encouragement and comments bashing a post they worked on can be very disheartening to read. I’ve been blogging a long time so I’m used to handling different types of feedback but for someone new a harsh comment can be very crushing. For contributors…if you do get a really obnoxious comment don’t take the bait.

Just for the record the bloggers posting here have two rules (which I e-mailed to them before giving them access to the site):
      1) Please keep material posted on the site PG-13 meaning no hentai and keep your language in check.

      2) Deviant Fetish artwork requires permission from the artist to use here. (You can however link to the artwork in their galleries).

 Both of those rules are on the site to protect it and those are really the only reasons that you guys should request the removal of a post.

In addition to that I had a third guideline…
      3) Be careful about posting younger characters. I haven’t banned it completely but use tact. You can explain why a character like Toph is cool or a great foot scene she had without sexualizing her. The younger a character is, the lighter in tone your post should be.

I hope I cleared up any confusion about what I expect from you guys. Normally I would say that if there is anything you are unsure about posting to e-mail me but since I’m still going to be away for a bit…just be extra cautious about controversial material. If I need to, I'll edit or delete a post that goes too far but try not to let it come to that.

 In general though despite a few minor issues, I’ve really liked the posts that I’ve gotten a chance to browse so far. I think that for the most part everyone seems to be trying to bring their A game. I’m really looking forward to browsing the rest too.

Ok here’s what my current posting situation is. I just finished a major project for work and have a little time off before I probably have to disappear again (maybe a couple of days until the end of October). Provided I’m able to use the internet again...I may try to do a quick post but I can’t guarantee that. I might also just use the time to catch up on my e-mail, web browsing and comment on various posts I like. I might even try for some site upgrade but that is probably wishful thinking. After the 31st, I’ll probably have to go away for awhile again. :-( I’ll try not to go completely radio silent this time though. ^_^; If everything works out, I’ll be back again posting in 6 months.

Anyway I just wanted to keep you guys updated and let you guys know how much I missed communicating with everyone and posting here. Hope to be back soon!

Monday, October 22, 2012


Friday, October 19, 2012

Haruno Sakura Bonus

You can never have enough luscious kunoichi feet.

Shippuden episodes 166-179 features an ED called "Utakata Hanabi" which is basically just Sakura walking along a beach. All I have to say is that someone really liked Sakura's feet, because it's full of close-up shots.