Friday, April 25, 2008

One Piece Bonus 3: Nami and Vivi

Because the ladies of One Piece's feet are so irresistably cute, they once again appear in my third consecutive bonus in a row.

(I've already reached the 3rd and last One Piece Color Walk artbook to get these awesome pictures involving these two One Piece heroines.)
Well...I hope you guys are enjoying these series of One Piece pictures. I have one more bonus involving the characters to go. What do you guys think? Should I post them in my next update or should I mix things up a bit?
This week my writing was incredibly slow in getting out mainly because I was bouncing from one story to another. Just when it looked like I wouldn't be able to get any new chapters out this week...I managed to post two comic book chapters at the last minute:
The starring girls of those chapters are Poison Ivy and Supergirl. There's also an excellent She-Hulk chapter posted by author Jayjay earlier in the week.
Spoiler Alert: Those that read the Poison Ivy chapter are probably in for a nasty surprise (heh heh!! I had slipped a bad ending in there just for fun). To balance it out...I had Kara be relatively nice (though still demanding) in her chapter.
Ok...let's move onto featured interactives this week.
SFD keeps his SF/FF adventures interactive going strong with several new chapters. The most recent new chapters involve Mai Shirunai of KOF fame.
Also making a strong standing this week is the Kingdom Hearts Foot Fetish Stories Interactive with another great series of additions by author BC.
Ok next week...I'll be spending a huge chunk of time continuing to work on my Soul Calibur GTS story but don't be surprised if a take a break to add to my Comic book interactive as well as some other stories here and there.
As always...more to come soon.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

One Piece Bonus 2: Nami

Lately it's been tough for me to get new stuff out but I did promise I would try to get a midweek update out so here's my second set of One Piece Bonus pics.

(These pics (all featuring Nami this time around) are taken from the second in a series of One Piece art books that I found online: One Piece Color Walk 2)
Due to slightly limited time constraints, I'm going to keep this entry brief. Once again I'm multitasking chapters working on more than one storyline at a time. As a result my chapter releases this week have been slow. I'll try and have something new for you guys soon.
Ok that's it for tonight.
Enjoy the pics everyone

Friday, April 18, 2008

One Piece Bonus

For this week's update...I decided to mix things up a bit and post something other than comic book girls. I'm sure Huntress, Poison Ivy, Supergirl, Wonder Woman etc will be back to star in future bonuses but this's the ladies from One Piece's turn to shine.

(I got these from a One Piece color walk artbook posted online)
Well despite what I said last week, other than some light brainstorming, I didn't quite get around to working on my Soulcalibur GTS story yet. Hopefully I'll get to it next week. The only place I was able to add to this week was my comic book interactive. You can view the new chapters I wrote for Huntress and Supergirl here.
While you are there...check out a superbly written She-Hulk chapter by the author Jayjay and a new Catwoman torture victim starter chapter by ljjnico.
Two stories that are worthy of the spotlight this week are the Kingdom Hearts Foot Fetish Stories Interactive with a ton of new Namine and Kairi chapters from the author B.C.
and the SF/FF Foot Fetish adventures interactive with new stories starring Quistis and Morrigan from it's moderator.
An Honorable mention goes to the Naruto and Feet interactive for a great new chapter starring Hinata and TenTen from the author Ink Writer.
Alright...this weekend is going to be pretty busy for me and I doubt that I'll be able to release any new chapters. However, later in the week I should have some more time to write. I'll try and get two more Supergirl comic book interactive chapters out as well as a new section of my Soulcalibur story.
If my schedule lightens up as much as I hope it would, I should be able to update my blog multiple times during the week so check back here once in a while for more.
Thanks for dropping by.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Huntress Bonus 2

Well compared to last week I didn't get that many chapters out but at least I was able to end the week right with an extra long Huntress chapter. The lovely Ms. Bertenelli also happens to be the subject of tonight's bonus.

(As with most of my comic book bonuses lately, these pictures are a series of webfinds drawn by the artists Ed Benes, Fred Benes (3 shots), Scanned by, Unknown, Foust, and Diego Blindman)
Huntress is a favorite character of mine so she'll probably appear in my bonuses pretty often. Even when she's not barefoot, she's still sexy but I know my audience so I threw in a sole shot of Ashley Scott as well. (Ashley played Huntress in the short lived series Birds of Prey).
Ok...while I didn't get the opportunity to add that many new chapters to my comic book interactive, other authors JayJay and Melroser76 have added some great chapters starring She-Hulk, Catwoman, Batgirl and Poison Ivy. You can see those along with my Huntress chapter here:
Now just because I haven't updated my comic book interactive, doesn't mean I haven't been busy writing. I spent the week working on some of my interactive story requests. One request involved continuing a Makoto/Ibuki storyline for the smelliest feet interactive which I added two chapters to along with it's moderator. While I was there I also updated the Nina vs Anna Williams thread. All of which are visible here.
I also added a requested (Non-fetish) chapter to a Naruto couples storyline involving Suzumebachi and Naruto.
Not quite a spotlight yet but definitely noteworthy is that SFD's character poll has ended and he's in the process of working on new story starring it's winner Cammy...check out the SF/FF Interactive for the story soon.
Over the next week...I'm probably going to be working on my comic book interactive pretty regularly. (I'll try for at least one chapter a day.) Also on my update list is my Soulcalibur GTS story from way back. I'm aiming to finish that story by June in time for SC4's release. I'm setting myself up for a busy week but hopefully I'll get to everything that I have planned.
Ok Everyone...Enjoy the pictures!!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Poison Ivy Bonus 2

Ok...I'm back. Sorry for the delay everyone...but here is my true update of the week. Well...I've been working on Poison Ivy chapters pretty much all week. So here are some hot pictures of her to go with them.

(All of the pictures for this bonus were webfinds making it difficult for me to credit the comic artists. I only know who did the last 4 pics. They were done by Ed Benes (The pencil drawing is bigger than the colored version I posted earlier in the week hence the double post), Brian Steelfreeze, and the last two shots are done by Alex Miranda)
If you're wondering why this entry is titled Poison Ivy Bonus 2...That's because I updated my blog earlier in the week. Actually I updated a few times scroll down!!!! ^_^ (Don't get used to it though ... I'm not quite ready to return to daily blog updates just yet)
I've finally finished my starter chapters for Poison Ivy. Which you can view here.
Hopefully, I've given other authors some good material to play with and the thread will continue to improve. Since a lot of people seemed to prefer a domination story starring that character...I tried to focus my chapters in that direction leaving as much variety as possible. I also meant to add a possibility where the reader gets to have their way with Poison Ivy's feet (tickling her senseless etc) but I didn't get the chance to write that chapter this time around (maybe I'm come back to write it after I'm finished with a few other characters).
For my next step...I'll once again go back to alternating between Supergirl and Huntress as well as writing for some other interactives. (I promised some other authors I'd add a couple of chapters to their interactives and I hope to get that done during the next week.). My comic book interactive additions will probably slow down a bit next week but I hope to get at least one good Huntress chapter out.
Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my tribute to Poison Ivy and I had a blast working on her. As usual more to come soon.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Weekly Update: Delay.

During a week where I've been doing so many extra bonus's ironic that when the time for my real entry comes around, I unfortunately have to hold off on it. Sorry guys :( today was just really busy and I'm not quite ready to release my bonus of the week yet. I'll post it tommorow when I get home.
Thanks for checking in.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Red Shadow (Bonus)

My third midweek update this week comes courtesy of Melroser76. It was my conversation with him on kunoichi's feet that made me reminisce about Red Shadow and his request to see what she looked like that led me to post these pics of her. Since this site is my method of uploading guys get to see them as well.

(Every shot except for the Black and White one were taken from the Official Bushido Blade Fighter's guide. The Black and White shot was taken from the Bushido Blade 2 instruction manual)
Bushido Blade was the game that came with my PSX so it's one of the games that I have classic memories about. In the game Red Shadow was easily my favorite female character due to the fact that her alternate costume had her wearing sandals barefoot. (I should probably add that since there were only six characters in the game...two of which were female...It was a rather easy choice). Though Ironically the other girl in the game (Mikado) was the character that I was stronger with, Red Shadow had a cool set of moves (i.e. backflips) that made her enjoyable to play as. Add in the fact that she was lightning quick in a game where you could kill your opponent in a single hit and you got a character that totally rocks. Anyway...hope you guys enjoyed these retro pics.
In terms of my writing...I released another Poison Ivy chapter for my comic book interactive viewable here.
I know I'd said I'd finish off my starter chapters for her today...but I think it's gonna take me a little longer...I'll try to have her set up by tommorow. (I know I said that yesterday too :P)
Ok Everyone...I'll think I'll end my entry here. I been a busy week blogging wise and I still have my normal entry to do tommorow night. Hopefully I'll have something good for you guys.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Poison Ivy (Bonus) Poison Ivy starter chapters are winding down...two more to go. (Hopefully I'll be able to finish her up by tommorow) I was planning a Poison Ivy bonus once I had those starter chapters complete but since there are quite a wide variety of barefoot poison Ivy pictures on the net...I decided to split my bonus into two parts. Hence another mid-week update.

(Once again I've been scouring the web to bring you these. Because of that...I can only identify three the 6 artists who drew these. Basically the three middle shots are Ed Benes, Banks, and Julio Cesar)
Poison Ivy barefoot pics are a lot easier to find than some of the other character. I guess since she's tied in with nature...artists depict her barefoot more often.
Ok...Moving on...Stefan AKA StreetFighterDash is slowly but surely recovering from his writer's block. In his efforts to figure out which character to write foot fetish story about next...he's released a new poll on his blog that he requested I promote. You guys can check it out here.
I do have a character that I'm rooting for but don't worry...I won't try to influence you guys.
Ok that's it for tonight...Tommorow I'll try to get some more Poison Ivy chapters out.