Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Real Life Anime Feet: Touwa Erio by Asae Ayato

Time in between studying now. Super kawaii Japanese cosplayer I found whose a professional model I'm sure. Here we got our girl   Asae Ayato cosplaying what's-her-name from Touwa Erio. Enjoy guys.

I hope you guys like these. I'll post more if you guys really like them.

Redakai: Maya

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Repost: Princess Teegra from Fire and Ice 1983

Okay, seeing as this post was pretty popular back when I first posted it, I figured I'd revive it. Here is Princess Teegra from the 1983 film Fire and Ice.
I really don't feel like reposting the whole back story but maybe when I have more time I will. Enjoy this post guys. Its gonna be the last one by me for a while. I got exams to study for now.