Saturday, August 29, 2015

Frozen Fever- Anna, and some Disney's D3 Expo concept art from Gigantic and Moana

As promised previously here is Anna from Frozen Fever!

One decent closeup but hey! It's something, right? I'll be as fast as possible in any frozen/new disney content! For example, the two new big feature films, Moanna and Gigantic.

I'd like to use this oppertunity to show off some of the concept art! We got some goodies.

Here's Gigantic. It's an adaptation of Jack in the Beanstalk staring Jack and this young 60 foot Giantess named Inma. If this concept art is any indication it's going to be chalk full of foot shots. However, it does come out in 2018 so see you there! I'll be capping trailers and the like.

And here's Moana. The next Disney Princess. Being an exotic woman in line with nature and with her character design being promiiately barefoot I see tons of content in this one. And this movie comes out next year so that's great! Sorry about the people hovering over the art. It's the only publicly released versions of this art! If I get any better one I will be quick as a whip to properly updated!

As always, thanks for reading!