Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Stepping into the Night:

Well the 23rd Poll of the Month has reached a close...but I'm afraid which Robotic girl won the close voter showdown between Roll and Android 18 will have to remain a mystery for now.

Instead, I'd like to take this opportunity to announce the exciting new direction this blog will be headed in. After receiving a lot of complaints that I post too many cartoons and not enough live women's feet on this blog and that I should cater to a larger fanbase of people as well as a recommendation from my usual psychiatrist that I center my blog around one of her favorite book and movie series*...I decided to cave into their demands. :-D

With that in is my honor to announce that I will be converting Anime Feet into... ...

Yup from now on this site will be dedicated to romance, vampires and the feet of the women from the exciting, suspenseful and entertaining Stephanie Myers book series. On that note...more to sink your teeth into soon.

*In fact she loves the series so much...she's even made her own fan film involving it.

Kiki's Delivery Service (Bonus)

Continuing with the Spellcasters, the next girl up is the cute delivery witch Kiki. In addition to her, there's also a special guest if you guys can make it to the end of this one. ;-)



(These are from the acclaimed Director Hayao Miyazaki's Anime Movie Kiki's Delivery Service. Massive Thank Yous to Bert, Martin, P and Match25 (the Legendary Master of Sole Shot himself) for the tip off, clips and caps of this bonus. You guys all rock!! ^_^)

I'm a huge fan of Miyazaki's films. He really manages to create some very dramatic stories, beautifully animated cartoons and really lovable characters (such as title girl above). Though it tends to be aimed more at younger generations (It's the type of movie you watch with your family) Kiki's Delivery Service is a really cute film and it very hard not smile when seeing it.

One of the really nice things about these scenes is that both girls wiggle their toes quite a bit in them plus it's even revealed that Kiki is quite ticklish. ;-D

Ok everyone...a couple of announcements. Actually a really big one. ^_^; Taking viewer advice into account, I've decided to take this blog in a brand new more exciting direction. Tomorrow I'm going to unveil a new darker, more romantic, more intense version of this blog that I think will appeal to both a hardcore fan base and mass audiences a like. I really encourage you guys to check back tomorrow morning and let me know what you think of it. :-D Because of this change, I'm going to end this month's polls exactly at midnight New York time. (A couple of hours earlier than usual). So anyone trying to affect this month's outcome should have their say by then. :-)

Alright...that's basically it for now, have a great day everybody and as usual...more to come soon!!