Monday, June 30, 2008

She-Hulk (Bonus)

It time to go green as She-Hulk finally gets her own tribute.

(These webfinds feature the professional artwork of Greg Horn (Pics 8 + 9), J.R. (2), A.G. (1), Varga (3) and a couple of unknowns. The more legible the authors signatures were, the better I was able to credit them :p)

There's no Marvel girl that's more comfortable or naturally suited to being barefoot than She-Hulk. That combined with the fact that she's one of the toughest, coolest, and bad-ass heroines around easily earned her a poll member spot. Though artists have depicted Jennifer's alter ego wearing footwear from time to time, she's drawn barefoot incredibly often. Needless to say...the hardest part about putting this bonus together was selecting which of the many barefoot pictures of She-Hulk to use.

Ok...June is wrapping up and there's still a lot that I need to do. Tommorow I'll post the poll results (Btw last chance to vote everyone) as well as the final marvel girl tribute (Did you figure out who's left?). I'll also post my new poll tommorow evening.

Stay tuned everyone!!!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Rogue Bonus Part 2

If you’re wondering why this says Rogue Bonus part 2 in the title, scroll down to my previous entry. Rogue is so cool that I posted back to back bonuses for her. Enjoy!!!

(The first and last pictures are webfinds but I capped the rest of the pictures myself from the X-men Evolution Episode: Shadowed Past.)
Unlike Shadowcat or Jean Grey, Rogue doesn't go barefoot that often in the series. I guess Rogue doesn't want to take any chances of skin to skin contact so she usually covers her feet in boots. :P Luckily this episode provided us with a rare glimpse of Rogue's feet. It might be a little difficult to see from those caps (sorry about the poor quality btw) but Rogue is actually wearing a toering. When I first noticed that, I did a double take. That's a very nice touch by the animators.
Since I already discussed Rogue quite a bit in my previous entry, I think I can move on...
It took me all of last week and most of this one, but I finally got the next part of my Soulcalibur story up. ^_^ You can check it out here:
I know...considering how long I've been working on it, this chapter was pretty brief but it's a lead into something exciting.
Just before the end of the week I also added a short chapter starring Psylocke to my Comic book interactive
Also there is a sensational (heh heh pun) chapter starring She Hulk posted by the author Jayjay earlier in the week. This author manages to top himself with every new chapter he releases so I definitely recommend checking that storyline out.
This week the spotlight once again goes to two of my favorite authors. The first is Melroser76 for a great chapter he wrote involving Ino and Sakura's feet for his smelliest feet interactive here:
and the second is SFD for a great series of chapters involving the sexy succubus Morrigan he wrote for his tickling interactive here:
Next week:
It's definitely going to be a busy week for me as I catch up on the backlog of chapters I've accumulated while working on my Soulcalibur story. First of all I'm planning to release a new Helena/Huntress chapter that I've been working on throughout the day. (I was actually hoping to post it tonight but it's not finished yet. It should be up tommorow morning.) This one is going to be good. Once that's up, I'll going to spend the rest of the week fulfilling various request chapter that I haven't managed to get to yet. At the top of my list is the continuation of my Wonder Woman story and a new de-booting match. Not only that but the end of the month is coming up so I'll be posting a new poll soon. I also still have my tributes to She Hulk and Mary Jane Watson to post as well. much to little time.
Anyway thanks for checking in everyone and as usual...more to come soon!!!!!

Rogue Bonus Part 1

Rogue is so awesome that not only does she have two tributes to her, she has them posted back to back. I have a lot to cover, so let's get started right away!

(The artists behind these webfinds include Al Rio (pic 6), Tony Perna (5), Greg LaRocque (7), Rain (11) and a few other unknown artists)
Despite the obvious risks involved in giving Rogue a foot massage, she's so sexy that I couldn't resist putting her in the poll. It looks like I'm not the only one that feels that way because she's received a fair amount of votes so far.
Similar to Shadowcat, I decided to put Rogue's barefoot X-men Evolution scenes (yes believe it or not she does have some) into a separate entry which I'll get to work on right after I complete this one. My next entry will also contain discuss the chapters I've been working on, spotlights, future plans and more so check back soon for it!!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Black Cat (Bonus)

Felicia Hardy finally receives a tribute to her feet. Rowr!!!

(Most of the these webfinds are the artwork of Joe Jusko (Pics 3, 6, 8 & 9). I believe the signature on the 5th pic says Deidez while the artists behind the rest are a mystery to me)

In addition to her beautiful looks and spicy personality, Felicia got a poll spot because she looks like she could really use a foot rub the most. Her active lifestyle (running around, jumping from rooftop to rooftop, and fighting crime all while wearing hot boots) must really make her feet tired, sweaty and sore by the end of the day. She probably would be delighted and really grateful to anyone that offered her a foot massage.

This bonus is as much a tribute to the artwork of Joe Jusko as it is the Black Cat. Jusko's artwork was featured in a trading card collection called Marvel Masterpieces in 1992. The collection was advertised in Wizard (magazine) and you can probably guess which card they used to promote it right? Yup it was a picture of the Black Cat with her feet visibly outline through her boots (see pic 3). That small advertisement made a lasting memory on me and was the first thing I thought of when I put this bonus together. I just wish I could have found a bigger version of it. As you can see, Jusko did a couple of other pictures involving the Black Cat as well and he's definitely a favorite artist of mine. ^_^

Ok everyone. I hope you enjoyed this Black Cat bonus. Tommorow evening will be another big update involving this week's spotlights, story additions, future plans and of course a tribute to one more of the 3 remaining women. Until next time!!!

-Your Friendly Neighborhood KingsSideCastle

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Jean Grey (Bonus)

This bonus was a long time coming. Jean Grey is one of my favorite X-girls. Enjoy!!!

(These bonus pics are a combination of webfinds and video captures. Unfotunately I can only recognize three of the professional artists...Dmitri Patelis (Pic 1) and Greg and Tim Hilderbrandt (pic 9). I capped pictures 6, 7, and 8 from the X-men evolution episodes Strategy X and Grim Reminder and the rest from unknown artists)

Jean has a variety of costumes and looks absolutely gorgeous in all of them. Probably my favorite is the yellow and blue costume that Jean wears in the original X-men cartoon series. (Nostalgia is probably coming into play because that was the first outfit I saw her in). Also on the top of my list (though for very different reasons) is Jean's rather revealing dominitrix uh I mean Black Queen costume. ^_^

Though there were a couple of good barefoot pictures out there for her, comic book pictures of Jean without her footwear on are pretty rare. This is somewhat made up for by the fact that Jean wear sandals a lot in X-men Evolution providing it's viewers with serveral opportunities to catch glimpses of her feet. (Slightly under that of Shadowcat's) I only wish the same could be said for the original cartoon series where Jean looked 1000 times hotter.

Ok that brings my tribute count for the poll members up to 6. Only 4 more left to go. Until next time.


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Invisible Woman (Bonus)

Susan Storm Richards is one of the hottest women to grace the pages of Marvel Comics and easily earned this tribute to her. Enjoy!!

(Of the artists behind this great series of webfinds, I was only able to find out two names: Steve Mcniven and Alex Miranda who drew the second and third pictures respectively.)

Do I really need to explain why Susan Richards got a top ten spot? Not only is she one of the classic Marvel heroines, she's also incredibly sexy and has a sweet personality. Who wouldn't want to spend hours worshipping her feet? With this bonus, I had to cheat a little bit. Unfortunately I couldn't find any barefoot webfinds of Sue to post. Instead I posted the next best thing, pictures of the actress who portrayed her in the Fantastic Four films Jessica Alba.

Ok 5 down and 5 to go. As usual...more to come soon!!!