Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Death Note: Sayu (Bonus)

Ok, I managed to squeeze out last post for this year. ^_^ The one is a tribute to Light's sexy sister Sayu.

(There are a combination of scenes involving Sayu from throughout the Death Note anime and webfinds from the Manga. I really have to give a tremendous thank you to the author and Death Note fan Mr. E for the incredible amount of work that he put into this bonus. Not only did he track down every possible foot related moment involving Sayu in the anime but he did it twice finding them again after they were deleted from youtube before I was able to cap them.)

The animation in the Death Note anime is really good and Sayu comes off as incredibly gorgeous. It would be really great to be at this woman's feet. :-D

Well that about wraps things up with this girl but what if I told you that in addition to her...Mr E. tracked down every possible female foot related scene in the Death Note anime as well. Yup, you can expect two more bonuses where this came from. :-D Gives you something to look forward to in the 2009 doesn't it? ;-)

Ok, tommorow (the first of a brand new year), I'll have a lot to do kick things off. Not only will I post the results of this month's poll (still a few hours left to vote if you want guys ;-D), but I'll also post a new poll of the month as well as a tribute to this month's winner.

Hope everyone has a great New Year's Eve and as usual...more to come soon!!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Ten Ten (Bonus) Updated w/ new spotlights and future plans

For completion purporses (since I posted tributes to all of the main Naruto kunoichis already) ... here is a tribute to attractive weapons expert.

(These pictures of Ten Ten are from the Curry of Life arc episodes 252, 256, and 257. I also capped the swimsuit caps from the ending credits of episode 97 and added a colored webfind of the of Ten Ten's reintroduction page from the manga. I have to give a big thank you to the Legendary Master of Sole Shots Match25 for letting me know about the Curry of Life arc.)

I'm not really a Ten Ten fan she is pretty cute and I know that many of you would love to worship her feet. I just wish I had some good close ups available to show you.


Yeah I'm really late with this one. ^_^; Instead of an end of the week entry, this comes right at the beginning of a whole new week. Basically, I spent the week hanging out with my family (holidays and all) so it didn't leave much time for writing, capping, and blogging.

I did however work on a new DBZ shrink interactive storyline involving Android 18 and Bulma with the author Cryptosporidium137 (if you're reading this thanks for being so patient) which I'm hoping to continue.

I've also been alternating between capping and finding different foot scenes (with the help of a anime foot scene lovers) which I can't wait to show you guys.


If you like Ten Ten, here are a couple of other Naruto stories that you may enjoy reading as well. To mix things up a bit...I'd thought I'd throw in some new ones besides my usual favorite Naruto Stories, here, here and here. ^_^

Ok first off we have Shrunken Life at Ten Ten's feet. This one is just for hardcore fans of the weapons expert since you're only allowed to belong to her. In this story...the reader takes on the role of a shrunken person at Ten Ten's feet. While this story is still developing, there are some great chapters involving being under this sexy kunoichi's soles. BTW this story's author Kyubii also released two other interactives allowing you be at the feet of Temari and Tayuya as well. If only he wrote one for Ino. :-D

Continuing with the Naruto spotlights, here are a couple of others which may be of interest. In addition to his interactives which are pretty well-known here, :-D Melroser released a few one shot stories involving the Naruto girls using their feet to torture their tiny victims.

Never make fun of a Struggling Kunoichi's Stinky Feet
and it's follow up
Hinata's Sequel: Averting Defeat

Both of these star Hinata using her feet to dish out some punishment. Along the same lines of those two stories...there's also

Sakura and the Shrunken Shinobi

This one involves a shrunken Naruto finds himself tortured at the feet of his pink haired teamate.

Ok...before you guys get overwhelmed from picturing what Hinata's and Sakura's feet must smell like, let's move onto the next section.

Next Week (Or should I say Next Year? ^_^):

Yes...with the new year coming up, it is probably appropriate that I should let you in my future plans. I absolutely have to release a new Soul Calibur story by Friday or it faces cancellation so I'm definitely going to be working hard on that story. I'm also going to try for some new DBZ story chapters. Wonder Woman, Mars, and Mary Jane are also on my immediate list as well.

With my blog, there are a lot of cool sets that I'm working on posting including some great sets from Juancho, Match25 and Mr. E. I'd tell you what they are but I don't want to spoil the surprise. I'll also post a tribute to the winner of this month poll (btw last chance to vote everyone) to start off the new year. In addition to that, I'm also working on some new segment and some other suprises that I think everyone will enjoy. Hopefully 2009 will turn out to be an exciting year!!

Ok...after 4 edits, this entry is finally complete. Thanks for reading everyone and as usual...more to come soon!!!