Friday, February 25, 2011

Gigantic Futurama Megapost:: Amy Wong

Continuing the GTS run...we're going to head to the future to visit the young Planet Express Intern Amy Wong from the Animated Sci-Fi Comedy Futurama.

I may have Forget to mention there may be a barefoot cameo or two from another Futurama girl. ;-)

Amy's stint as a Giantess comes in the Futurama Comic series where she finds herself undergoing a sudden growth spurt.

Of course following the classic GTS storyline formula there is an accident involved. In this one the catalyst is a growth spray that Amy mistakes as hair spray...oops!!

O_O A if only she would make like her 50 foot woman counterpart andremove her footwear. ^_^;

Check and mate!! :-D

That was my favorite line in the comic. Props if you get the robot's reference. ^_^

All's well that end's well it seems. I guess that a wrap...well almost...still a couple more barefoot pictures of Amy from Futurama left to post. :-D

(Have to once again give a Giant-Sized Thank You to the Legendary Master of Sole Shots Match25 for finding and capping all these Amy barefoot scenes. He actually went through the entire Futurama series to get these. The GTS moments are from the Futurama Comic issue #33)

Ok everyone...I'd better call it a night for now. As always more to come soon. ^_^