Monday, March 7, 2011

Anime Feet Foot Master Challenge 2 (Answers) promised here are the challenge answers everyone. :-D If you haven't taken the challenge can still try it by scrolling down or clicking here to get to the previous post. Otherwise you can go directly to the answers by clicking the link below

So...How did you guys do? I thought some parts of it were easier than the last challenge but there were a few difficult to identify images as well too. Anyone who managed to get all 20 deservingly gets to keep Wonder Woman's boots as a prize. :-D

These are a lot of fun for me to set up but they take a lot of time to organize. I'll try to have more of them in the future,

Ok...I'll finish the GTS bonus with my next post. Until next time. ^_^

Friday, March 4, 2011

Anime Feet: Foot Master Challenge 2 (Footwear Edition)

Hi everyone, as you probably already noticed, I added a new poll of the month last night asking you to pick your favorite type of footwear to see a girl wearing. Rather than the usual Poll description...I'd thought that I would introduce you to the variety of types of footwear in this with a brand new Anime Foot Master Challenge. :-D Here goes...

So you think you know your foot scenes? Sure you might be a Master of Sole Shots, A Scissor Scene Expert, A Pokemon Aficionado Supreme, An Anime Girl Tickler Extraordinaire, or A Blackbelt in GTS Knowledge. You might even have memorized every Femdom scene known to man (or woman as the case may be). However, how do you stack up when it comes to footwear? Once's time to test your skills

Can you identify which character each picture showcasing various types of foot apparel and accessories is centered around?




(This well known stocking wearer is pretty much a give away. :-D)


(Looking back I really need to start posting more stocking pictures. All of my good ones show their faces. Oh well...another freebie)











(Another possible giveaway ^_^; But I'll still be pretty impressed if you know this character's name. ^_^)


(Toering scenes are very rare. ^_^; So far every picture I have involving them show the girl's face and you have to look pretty closely to spot that extra detail. Still in this particular case seeing the character's face may not help help you quite as much ;-)


(This one is probably a little bit more obvious. ^_^)



Foot Wraps


Alright That's it for now. Please keep in mind that this challenge is just meant for fun and not to take it to seriously. It's basically just for bragging rights. :-D Also remember these pictures only offer a sample of the wide range of footwear each choice covers. ^_^ I'll post the answers after the weekend.

Good Luck with your foot identifying everyone!! ^_^

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Tiebreaker Results

Ok here are the Sudden Death round results guys. ^_^

Wow...overwhelmingly playful feet. I'll have to keep that in mind. ^_^ Thanks very much for voting everyone. ^_^

Heh heh...still a lot of catching up to do. ^_^ Ok...let's take a little bit of a break for now. I'll try to post the March poll tomorrow evening if I can think of an interesting topic.

Have a good night guys!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Poll 32 Results

Well the 32nd Poll of the Month has come to an end...or has it?!! After a whopping 2132 are the results...

Wow...for the first time in Anime Feet history we officially have a tie. It looks like most fans prefer their female feet to be both ticklish and playful. ^_^ In second place was soft feet and dominant feet took 3rd. Closing out the top 5 was dirty feet which also answers the sub question whether dirty feet or clean feet are preferred among fans by very narrow margin. As for the rest of these qualities...they all have people who look for them and even the most dangerous type of feet have people who like them too.

As always I just want to give a huge thank you to everyone for voting and sharing their opinions. It's really interesting to see what qualities people look for when it comes to female feet. ^_^

However, this poll isn't quite over yet...since this one ended in a gives me a chance to test my really cool Tie-breaker method... SUDDEN DEATH. Yup in a special bonus guys get to decide once and for all which quality you prefer most between ticklish or playful feet. This extra poll (ending at noon tomorrow New York time) will be available for one day only. Have fun everybody!!