Thursday, September 29, 2016

Fairy Tail: Coco

Ok... Knocking off another character from the Hit List tonight... It's Coco from Fairy Tail. :-D
(These are from the Fairy Tail episodes 80 and 130. A Huge Thank You to Dean Lawrence for identifying the episodes containing foot content involving her.)

Coco first appearance is as a messenger in the alternate universe. She is shown to be cheerful and very quick on her feet a skill that makes her really good at her job. :-) She is very gentle and likes animals. Later the main characters of Fairy Tail come across her Earthland counterpart whose personality is a lot different. The Earthland version of Coco is a lot tougher and winds up initially starting out as an antagonist for the group. 

In both cases Coco has really amazing feet being able move really fast with them. Her Earthland version puts them to good use with a variety of powerful kicking attacks (as the caps above no doubt demonstrate). She seems to wear special sandals which increase her speed and give her brief periods of flight. She also has the ability to run vertically up walls. Pretty badass!!

It's worth noting that the episode I was watching featuring Earthland Coco had her threaten to make characters that she had kicked around previously "Eat her foot again". She's awesome!!

Ok everyone that's all for tonight. As always... more to come soon!