Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Bonus 6: DMC's Trish

Wow you were brave enough it all the way to the end of my haunted castle. For deserve a reward so for my final bonus here are are a couple of caps of the sexy demon hunter from Devil May Cry Trish.

(These caps were from pleasant surprise in the Devil May Cry Anime episode 5: Rolling Thunder where Lady and Trish meet each other a boutique.)
I'd like to dedicate this post to Lawliet who's celebrating his Birthday today.

Trish has always been my favorite Devil May Cry girl and I was thrilled to see her go barefoot in this brief scene. ^_^ I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I did.

Well...that concludes my series of Halloween bonuses. I would like to thank Aya, Alexia, Barbara, Cammy and Trish for helping me put my Haunted Castle together. Hopefully we'll be back to scare you guys next year.

Ok...tommorow begins a new that means there's quite a bit to do. I'll have the poll results, a new poll and a tribute to the winner up tommorow evening.

Have a good night everyone!!
-Haunted Castle Keeper

Halloween Bonus 5: The Bride of Bisonstein

Normally, a barefoot picture of Cammy would be instantly posted here but there's just something incredibly disturbing about seeing her grown in a lab that caused me to hold off on it. Anyway, this picture joins that last set as a halloween treat.

(This was from Street Fighter 2 Issue 6. It's another great piece of artwork from the Udon Crew.)

You probably think hunting down foot scenes is easy but imagine what other horrors lurk on my cutting room floor.

Ok you're approaching the end of this Haunted castle tour but I have one final Halloween bonus ahead. A word of caution though, this next bonus is not for the faint of heart. T'would be wise to turn around.
-Haunted Castle Keeper

Halloween Bonus 4: Batgirl meets the Crazy Clown

Remember way back when I was doing a Supergirl/Batgirl debooting match and I posted a bunch of Supergirl pics but hardly any Batgirl pictures? Well the only barefoot pictures I could find of Barbara (at the time) were from the Killing joke and I thought they were too morbid to post. However since Homicidal Clowns seem to tie in nicely with they are.

(These pictures were taken from the Batman Storyline: The Killing Joke by Alan Moore and Brian Bollund where the Joker pays Batgirl a visit.)

This is what I call having your cake and eating it too.

Ok...if the homicidal clown and my disturbingly willingness to post any scene where a hot girl goes barefoot no matter how grim hasn't frightened you away yet, then check back soon. More Halloween terrors are coming up!!
-Haunted Castle

Halloween Bonus 3: Alexia Scene 2're still here after that last terrifying bonus?!!! Well...don't blame me if you have nightmares tonight. Here's more of Alexia!!

(This was another scene from Code Veronica X where Alexia transforms. Yikes!!)

For those of you who are not shuddering in terror, I have a couple of more Halloween suprise ahead.

Happy Halloween everyone!!

Halloween Bonus 2: Alexia Scene 1

Ok time for the next Halloween bonus...the villainess Alexia from Resident Evil Code Veronica X. To be honest Alexia creeps the hell out of me but because I know some of you like her ... Halloween is a good excuse to post her. Enjoy!!

(This was Alexia's entrance scene from Code Veronica X. Only Alexia can make seeing a hot barefoot blonde girl without her clothes on something to have nightmares about. *hides under covers*)

I still shudder at the thought of her smiling eeriely during that ant scene and that was before she went monster.

Ok...if I haven't scared you guys away yet, I have more Halloween bonuses in store.

Stick around if you dare!! *Gives a spooky laugh!*

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween Bonus #1: Aya Brea

In honor of Halloween I prepared a couple of special bonuses for you guys. I decided to start things off wirh a sexy survival horror heroine...Aya Brea. Enjoy!!!

(These are a combination of webfinds and caps. By the way...the place that I got the clip to cap this from, theSoleSurvivor's channel, is also worth checking out for its foot related material as well. God Bless Youtube!!)

You probably also noticed that Aya Brea (who started out as an NYPD officer) also made my poll of the month and has definitely proven she has her share of fans out there. (Speaking of which...last chance to vote everyone.) Looking at this sexy blonde, who could argue that being punished by her feet isn't a awesome scenario to be in?

Ok guys, they'll be more Halloween surprises to come later. See you soon!!!