Friday, February 29, 2008

Update: What Happens Now?

Well I've made the move successfully and expect to see more from me soon. Rather than the daily updates of my last blog, I'm going to go for weekly updates this time. However, the posts will be bigger and better. Hope you guys are looking forward to the next one.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Wonder Woman

A Couple of pics of Wonder Woman being sexy, dominating other heroes and going barefoot. Barefoot Wonder Girl is just a bonus.

(All those pics are webfinds done by professional comic book artists. In order we have Joe Devito, Cover of WW#91 (don't know who drew it), Alex Miranda, Unknown Artist, Michael Turner, don't know the artist's name but very famous cover shot, Ed Benes, Diego Bernard, Unknown)
I posted these shots to supplement a fan fiction Wonder Woman story that I'm starting to write
you can read it here:
Just a fair warning (Though this may be obvious if you've seen the rest of my posts), ...this story has foot fetish elements in it.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Cammy 4

Just to supplement the Second Part of my Writing Blogs Final Stand. Here are a couple of pictures of Cammy performing some of her most powerful moves.

(These pics are taken from the Street Fighter comic issue 7 and from the Street Fighter Victory episode 21 scene referenced by SFD (Thanks again BTW) in one of the previous blog entry comments)

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Moving Checklist

A couple of things I want to do with my writing blog before I begin blogging here permanently:
#1 Complete My Backlog Chapters: (Finish my Interactive chapters for Ino and Cammy)
#2 Post Full Length Story Chapters: (Add one Supergirl and two Wonder Woman chapters)
#3 Open Interactive Story: (Open one of 3 Interactive Stories I have planned)
#4 Promote Other Stories/Authors: (Blog about some of my favorite Stories & Authors)

Friday, February 22, 2008

Azula 3

To celebrate 100 entries of my writing blog, I posted the climax of the Azula beach volleyball pics

(Caps are once again taken from the Azula's best barefoot appearance: Avatar episode 3X05: The Beach)
Well I'm off to give Azula the final foot massage I owe her.
Enjoy the pics everyone!!!

A New Introduction

Alright...I think it's time for an explanation. If you visited this blog before the past couple of days, I imagine you’re probably pretty confused about what this blog is all about. Two days ago this blog was all pictures with the occasional link to my writing blog over here:

For those that actually took the time to follow the link…it basically lead to a page describing different interactive and short stories that I liked as well as some of the short stories I was working on…(mostly fanfiction/foot fetish work).

However now that I’m merging my two blogs together, I think a re-introduction is in order. Basically, in my spare-time, I write, read and review stories that are (as the title of this blog and earlier pictures suggest) of an unusual nature. (Basically involving Anime/Videogame & Comic book girls’ feet).

In the past, I used my other blog to develop my writing, get feedback on my stories as well as promote stories that shared my peculiar tastes and I plan to continue doing that here. I also would occasional post pictures of some of my favorite female foot related scenes to go a long with some of my stories. (See some of my earlier entries for examples and definitely be on the lookout for more to come). That’s basically it!!!

Now for those that haven’t been horrified, disgusted or bored enough to leave yet. ^_^ Thanks and I hope you enjoy.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I've begun cross-posting between my photo and writing blogs. Soon my two blogs will become one big blog.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Azula 2

(These pics were again taken from Avatar episode 3X05 which with the exception of Toph is the best episode to see the Avatar Girls barefoot)
The scene is a beach volleyball/Da Gaw game where Azula approaches the sport with same cold determination of conquering the avatar world. This was one of many hilarious moments in that episode.

Saturday, February 16, 2008


Well...It's been about a month since my Azula poll was posted and it looks like there is an obvious favorite of my endings. You guys overwhelmingly picked the evilest outcome . Since voting was anonymous I can't thank you guys personally, but I really appreciate the 9 members who gave their input. Whoever you guys rock. As promised...I'll post the Azula pics that I have and I'll try and post a director's cut of the winning version of the story soon. Here are the first set of pictures:

(These pictures showing the fire nation princess in one of her cruelest moments where taken from episode 3X05 The Beach. Most of my caps of her will probably come from that episode )
Well I better go. Azula is waiting to cash in on winning a bet with me about which ending would come out on top. Now I have to massage her feet every night for a week. Knowing her...she probably got her feet extra sweaty just to mess with me.
For anyone that still wants to give their input on their favorite ending I'll leave the poll up for a can take it here.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Cinderella (Yugioh)

I had some extra caps from the Yugioh episode I posted yesterday. Dark Magician girl wasn't the only one who went barefoot.

(Pics are once again taken from Yugioh episode 197. Quite an episode wasn't it? )
In addition to giving us a peek at Dark Magician Girl's bare feet, the Cinderella monster also
started the match off barefoot herself. She even uses her slippers to attack Yugioh making her short appearance in the series very memorable.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Dark Magician Girl

(Basically the scene involves a Cinderella monster encasing the Dark Magician Girl's lovely feet in glass slippers to lower her life points. The caps are from episode 197)
I know...almost too good to be true right? Once again massive props to SFD for catching and helping me track down this scene. I can't believe I missed this awesome episode when it aired.
Ok everyone...I've given you quite a lot to stare at for today. Enjoy!!!!