Monday, May 31, 2010

Alien 9 Double Bonus: Megumi and Yuri

Ok...Here is a tribute to the series Alien 9. Perhaps risking a new wave of barefoot shock related lawsuits...I'm throwing caution into the wind and posting both sets of caps involving its female characters at once. The first is an attractive female teacher from the series Megumi and the second is none other than the lead character of the series herself Yuri. Enjoy guys. ^_^



(These are a combination of webfinds and caps from Alien 9 anime. Judging from the part of the foot being focused on with most of these gorgeous I really need to tell you which capper is responsible for getting these? ;-) Yup a huge thank you to the Legendary Master of Sole Shots Match25 for finding and capping this series)

I really loved the foot scenes in this one very much. Its extremely fun to watch a woman just casually playing with her feet and Yuri's soles are just begging to be tickled. :-D

This is another series that I have yet to see. Basically the premise of Alien 9 involves girls merging with symbiotic life forms to capture Aliens. The series looks like it is very lighthearted and comedic type of series aimed at a younger type of audience. I've also been told...the lead character (Yuri) can be a bit of a crybaby. (Well actually it was that she cries so much that she makes the typical crybaby look like Clint Eastwood ^_^;). I'll leave you to make your own judgments about whether you want to watch this one. :-)

Ok with the end of the month comes the usual workload of closing out the current poll (last chance to vote in it btw ;-D), deciding on next month's poll and tributing the winner. I wonder which sexy kitty it will be? ;-) I also still working on a new wave of story spotlights for you guys. ^_^ Looks like my next bonus entry will be a big one.

On that note...more to come soon guys. Have a really Great Memorial Day!!

Friday, May 28, 2010

School Rumble: Karen Ichijou

Ok...following up the last school rumble is a tribute to Karen Ichijou.

(These are from Season 2 episode 20. A massive thank you to Jajc05 for capping this scene.)

Karen is a really interesting character. She comes off as very sweet and shy but at the same time is a really strong fighter and on the school's wrestling team. There is a running joke in the anime playing off the fact that she is unexpectedly strong. Karen is pretty and nice that I think that most guys (even ones without a fetish) would be really happy to give her a foot rub if they noticed this girl complaining about her feet being tired or sore. Who wouldn't want to make this cutie feel good?

Ok everyone...that's all for tonight. I'm going to try to release a new set of Writing Spotlights soon. (Maybe over the weekend). I'll also try to give you guys my updated list of writing projects as well as a look into some of the upcoming posts. Wow...a lot to do. On that note more to come soon!!

Have a Great Weekend Everyone!!