Friday, May 27, 2016

Harley Quinn Megapost Part 1: Classic Harley

Ok you guys voted for it and you've got it...  A tribute to Harley Quinn. In fact not only will you get one post devoted to her... You guys will get 4 of them. :-) Yup...This cute Jester has managed to slip in a lot of foot related moments in her 20 year history and it was impossible to fit it all in one post so we divided it up a bit. This first set will cover her classic appearance before her character design change in the New 52. Even if I'm focusing on the time period  where she was wearing her classic Red and White Jester outfit there are a lot of different incarnations of the character to cover with so let's dive right in.
Animated Harley
The interesting thing about Harley is that unlike most DC characters. Harley didn't originate in the comics. She was actually created as a henchwoman for the Joker in Batman the Animated Series. However the character proved so popular that she quickly expanded into other mediums.
Harley Quinn's origin was revealed in the Batman the Animated series episode "Mad Love" where the caps below are from.

Originally Harley was a Psychiatrist who was treating the Joker in Arkham asylum. She quickly become obsessed him, Eventually falling so deeply in love with him that she wound up not only breaking him out of prison but becoming his criminal henchwoman as well.

 This was a cute anniversary present Harley gave the Joker in the Batman: TAS episode Beware the Creeper. She covered herself in pudding offering to let him lick it off her.
 I'd have a hard time saying no to that. ^_^

 The Clip of that scene can be found her:

Assault on Arkham: Harley
Assault on Arkham was a Direct to Video movie starring the Suicide Squad. For those that don't know. The Suicide Squad is a team of criminals that the government organized to take on Dangerous missions. The team name is extremely apt because the missions the criminals are expected to take on are extremely dangerous and there is a chance the team involved won't survive the mission. As a result the roster of the team often changes.

In recent years Harley has been frequently enlisted to be a part of this team. It makes sense that she would be recruited for an Arkham mission because having both worked in and been an inmate of the Asylum, she knows the layout. She's also has an intimate relationship with one of the residents there. ;-)

I've actually watched this animated feature film and it's pretty good. There's also a live action movie of Suicide Squad coming out this summer (which we'll cover more in a later post). You have to wonder though whether the plot of the live action film is going to be identical to animated one.

Ok let's move on...
Comic Book

The comic book adaptation of Mad Love dives a little bit into more into Harley's Background revealing she studied gymnastics. It definitely explains how she is able to move around the way she does. ^_^
An interesting thing to note is that Harley's feet seem more detailed in the comic book adaptation than in the animated series.

The  image below is from a series called L'il Gotham. It's a cute take on Batman characters illustrated by Dustin Nguyen.

 Taken from Batman Streets of Gotham  also drawn by Nguyen.

 Harley's first official introduction into the Comic Book Universe was in the Batman Story Arc No Man's Land where this series of barefoot images of her are from.

 Her comic book incarnation is slightly different than her animated counterpart. She was given some superhuman abilities due to Poison Ivy so she has superhuman strength, agility and dexterity.
 In addition to that Ivy made her immune to a lot of poisons.

 These are from the DC Comic Convergence Harley Quinn which revisted the character's classic interpretation. Sadly there were no foot scenes of her (unless you count the fact that she seems to be wearing her sneakers without socks). I just like the way she was drawn in this series.
One of the last Harley Quinn series before DC's new 52 relauch was a comic series where she teamed up with her fellow female villains Poison Ivy and Catwoman.
 The series was called Gotham Sirens and ran for 26 issues and was written by Judd Winnick and illustrated by artist Guillem March for the bulk of it.
 Harley went barefoot quite a few times in it but so did the other women in it.

You'll see more of this series as well as all these women in a later post
Ok now that we've covered all of Harley's classic incarnations, let's delve a bit into specific type of foot related moments. ^_^

Sock Scenes


Shots of a model that was crafted based on Harley's infamous Mad Love Lingerie scene. ^_^


(A lot of credits to give for this tribute. These are all a combination of Webfinds and caps from the Batman the Animated Series episodes Mad Love and Beware the Creeper. A Big Thank you to Digiharrison for tipping me off to the Mad Love scene with his Forgotten Toon Girls blog and to Match25 the Legendary Master of Sole Shots)

More of Harley Quinn and her feet can be found in these previous tributes to her and her Siren's teammate Poison Ivy:

Ok guys... That's all for now. ^_^ More Harley to come soon!! Have a great Memorial Day Weekend. ^_^