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Azuza Fuyutsuki

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Hidemi 2

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Hidemi from GTO

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Cammy 2

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Kara and Barbara

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Supergirl (Round 2)

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


The recent chapters that I've been writing (Supergirl/Batgirl & Azula's Boot) reminded me of an unfinished story I'd written a while back starring Supergirl. I thought I'd post the chapter in case anyone was interested in seeing the early stages of my foot fetish writing. (You can see a lot of the concepts roll over into my interactive chapters)

Basically the premise of the story is that one of Lex Luthor's schemes involving a shrink ray goes too far and Supergirl decides to punish him using his own technology to shrink him. As you can probably tell, the story is very incomplete starting right in the middle of the action and lacking a beginning and an ending. If you guys like this story, let me know and I'll try and complete it but I should warn you I haven't added to it in two years so my writing style might be a little different right now.

As a are some pictures of Supergirl!!!

The wallpaper (The picture with the cape wrapped around her body) was found at a Supergirl fansite while the rest were taken from various issues of Superman/Batman. This artwork is by Micheal Turner (one of my favorite comic book artists).

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