Friday, May 30, 2008

Moka Bonus 3

I know this is bordering on slight obsession, but I couldn't resist posting one more set of Moka caps. If you guys are getting bored of the cute female vampire don't worry...this will be my last set of Rosario + Vampire caps (at least for a while anyway).

(These are the rest of the Rosario + Vampire caps I took involving Moka in her swimsuit from the anime episode 9)

Just for those that are wondering, the scene involves an intimate moment between the main characters where Tsukune offers to keep his vampire friend company on the beach since she can't go swimming (vampires take damage in water). As usual Moka can't keep herself from trying to suck her friend's blood when his guard is down.

Having some time off this week, I was expecting to be able to produce a lot of chapters but sadly it didn't work out that way. Between bouncing between stories and getting hooked on Rosario Vampire, not alot of stuff came out. I did add another Helena Bertinelli chapter to comic book interactive,
but I was hoping for more.


This week I would like to spotlight the Anime/Videogame Shrink/GTS story for some great additions involving Tatsuki and Orihime by the author Mr. E.
Actually that interactive has a lot of great chapters involving the Naruto, Bleach and One Piece girls from many different authors so I recommend you check them out.

You can also check out Mr. E's writing portfolio for more of his work here:

Next Week:
I can sense myself beginning to approach exhaustion so once I get a few chapters I promised other people out, I think I'm going to take a brief break from writing. I'll also update my blog with a new poll of the month (BTW the current poll closes tommorow) and maybe a couple of other surprises to go a along with it.

Ok that's it for now...Thanks everyone for checking in.


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Moka Bonus 2

I can’t seem to get enough Rosario + Vampire. After spending the weekend reading all the chapters of Rosario + Vampire I could find, I moved onto watching the anime. While the anime is nowhere near as good as the manga, it makes up for it with fan service particularly where a certain female succubus is concerned ;-) Anyway, two episodes where the lovable Moka dons a swimsuit are the basis for this bonus.

(These pictures were capped from Rosario + Vampire episodes 5 and 9)

Ok if you can stop staring at Moka’s feet and other er physical attributes for just a moment, I’ll give you the lowdown on whether the anime is worth your time. The main problem with the anime is that the storyline is very rushed. The Rosario + Vampire manga chapters tend to be rather lengthy and the anime tries to introduce every character in its 13 episode first season run. I still love seeing the characters in animated form but I just wish the story could have been told at a much slower/more dramatic pace. I’m also not that crazy about the background music used in the series. On the plus side Moka and Tsukune’s voices and personalities come off exactly like I pictured them and there are brief intervals where the anime manages to mirror the manga in intensity. Overall I enjoyed watching the series (the fanservice makes it hard not to) but it has its share of flaws as well. I definitely recommend reading the manga first as it’s much more entertaining.

Ok...I think I'll stop here for now. Enjoy the caps everyone!!!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Rosario + Vampire: Moka (Bonus)

After reading a preview of Rosario + Vampire in Shonen Jump, I became totally hooked on the manga. The storyline is really intense combining a great mix of comedy, action, romance and the supernatural. Added onto that, the main female character Moka is incredibly cute and sexy. I think you can see where I'm going with this...Enjoy!!!

(Except for the first pic which I scanned from Shonen Jump, these pics were selected from a scanslation of the series.)

In case anyone is interested...Here's a synopsis of the Rosario + Vampire premise:

Aono Tsukune is a average student who flunked all his highschool entrance exams forcing his parents to enroll him in the first Highschool that would take him: the Youkai academy. To his horror, Tsukune quickly learns that his new highschool is actually a school for monsters. His feelings change when he makes friends with an attractive young girl called Akashiya Moka. The problem is, she's a vampire and when her Rosario necklace is removed, she becomes rather terrifying.

Ok besides really enjoying reading that manga at the moment, I'm also in the process of working on a lot of different stories at once, hopefully, I'll be posting a lot of new chapters soon.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Sailor Mars (Bonus) took him awhile but SFD finally managed to write his much anticipated story Sailor senshi foot fetish story involving Sailor Mars. ^_^ To go along with those great chapters, I decided to do my own tribute to the Senshi of Flame right here.

(This caps were taken from Sailor Moon Episode 67. The second of two swimsuit episodes involving Sailor Mars. A Huge thank you goes to SFD for not only inspiring this bonus post, but also recommending good episodes to find Mars barefoot.)

Not only is Mars my favorite Sailor Scout, she is also one of my favorite female anime characters. Chances are that you will probably see her appear in this blog quite often. Also something else to note is that the rest of the inner senshi go barefoot in this episode as well. In fact the disappointing part of this episode is that Mars is the only senshi who does not receive a good close-up on her soles.

Ok...moving on. I only released a few chapters this week. A short Poison Ivy chapter for my coming book interactive.
and a couple of chapters for the Phoenix Wright: Ace "Little" Attorney interactive involving Franziska Von Karma here:

Spotlights: There are also two stories that I would like to spotlight this week. The first is Sailor Moon Foot Fetish stories for its addition on Sailor Mars (obviously)

and the second is a new interactive called Shrunken Girl on Campus by the creator of the Phoenix Wright Interactive Gilgamesh.
This story offers a variety of possibilities (Witches, Videogame Characters, Celebrities etc) involving a shrunken girl. The fact that there is a thread there involving Gina Carano is icing on the cake and I recommend checking it out. I'll try to add to this one soon as well.

Future Plans: week I finally have some time off so I'll be trying to add additions to as many of my favorite interactives as I can. Definitely going to be updated next week is my Huntress comic book thread and I may start writing for a new character. Hopefully I'll finally have my SoulCalibur full length story chapter finished too. Also check some of my favorite interactives for some additions there as well.

Well that's all for this week. As usual more to come soon

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Mai (Bonus)

Looks like I managed a mid-week entry just before the end of the week. Mai is another character that usually doesn't get any attention from me. However, unlike Temari who I was planning to post eventually, this character definitely earned her bonus tribute on her own.

(These were capped from Mai's only barefoot appearance to date in episode 3x05 the beache aka the Avatar swimsuit episode. Sorry the quality of some of these shots...I tried to give you as many shots of her barefoot as I could.)

When it comes to the best Avatar girl, saying that that Azula is my favorite would be a vast understatement. The fire nation princess completely leaves her competition in the dust and manages to dominate every scene she appears in. Naturally, I was thrilled seeing Azula have a small role in the most recent episode (the Boiling Rock 2nd Part) and she didn't disappoint me. However as awesome as Azula was, Mai managed to completely steal the show. For a brief moment the weapon's specialist managed to outshine even Azula (which is not an easy task). Although the fire princess will always be my favorite Avatar girl, Mai definitely secured a bonus spot in my blog.

Well...I have good news for you guys, my schedule has finally lightened up and I should be able to produce chapters at a quicker rate over the next couple of days. Also I'll post my chapter releases, spotlights, as well as plans for the future in tommorow's blog entry.

Thanks for checking in!!

Friday, May 16, 2008

The Other Blonde Kunoichi (Bonus)

It's probably easy for most of you to guess who my favorite kunoichi is. Nope it's not this one. However, just to show you I don't have anything against Temari. She gets to star in this week's bonus.

(Capped from Naruto Shippuuden episode 7)

I capped these awhile ago but never got the chance to post them. Anyway now's as good a time as any. Temari is definitely a very attractive girl and I would gladly massage her feet. (Just don't tell Ino I said that)

Unlike my usual Friday night entries, this one is going to be very short. This week has been so busy that I wasn't really able to post any new chapters. I'm working on a couple of Helena chapters but they're not ready just yet. I also did a midweek entry (see One Piece bonus below) featuring the author that I wanted to spotlight this week.

Next week looks to be pretty busy as well but I'll try to post at least one new chapter and maybe a surprise or two here. Hopefully after next week, my schedule will lighten and my writing speed will increase.

Anyway, enjoy the pictures.


Thursday, May 15, 2008

One Piece Bonus 4: Nami and All Sunday looks like I managed to squeeze out another short midweek blog update this week. Before it was interrupted by Birds of Prey week, I was doing a series of bonuses starring the girls from One Piece. I still had one set of pictures left to post involving Miss All Sunday and Nami. Anyway here it is:

(These pictures were taken from the third in a series of Art Books called One Piece Color Walk)
I'll keep this entry pretty short. There are a couple of great new chapters starring She-Hulk in my comic book interactive written by the author JayJay which you can check out here:
I'm working on a few new things but a busy schedule has my writing going pretty slow. Hopefully, I be able to get a short chapter before the end of the week.
Ok...that's all for tonight. More to come soon.
P.S. I'm still planning to update my blog tommorow night too. (Just in case you were wondering)