Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ikkitousen: Shoukyou

Ok approaching a light at the end of this Ikkitousen tunnel, 4 bonuses left to go. Anyway here is the ever so sweet Shoukyou.

(Once again we have a combination of webfinds and caps from the Ikki Tousen anime. A really tremendous thank you to both femdom and scissor expert Breakthewalls and the Legendary Master of Sole Shot Match25 for making this bonus possible. I've probably said it a dozen times already but both of you totally rock.)

This pretty blonde hottie can give Ryuubi a run for her money in the sweetness department. (In fact (to no big surprise) they get along really well. :-D) Shoukyou made her debut claiming to be the main character Hakufu's younger sister. (It was later revealed that she's not wasn't). In a past life Hakufu's cousin Koukin and Shoukyou were lovers something that Shoukyou was hoping to rekindle. However at present Koukin seemed to have feelings for his cousin so he politely opted out of a destined relationship (something which Shoukyou was very understanding of). Polite and friendy, Shoukyou is a great cook. In contrast to many of the other Ikkitousen girls, Shoukyou isn't a fighter and believes in solving her problems with non violence. Despite her friendly and kind nature, Shoukyou comes off as a very strong and determined character in her own right. Sticking to her beliefs she is able to return a possessed Hakufu back to her normal self using reason and love. You really have to give her a lot of credit. ^_^ In addition to her cooking skills, Shoukyou is also a great strategist and can quote Sun Tzu word for word. (Something she does at least once every episode.) ^_^

Shoukyou is such a kind sweet girl that you're really tempted to please her. ^_^ Wouldn't it be awesome to massage her feet until she sighs with pleasure?

On that fantasy's time to end this entry but still more Ikkitousen to come soon. ^_^

Monday, June 28, 2010

Ikkitousen: Teni (Bonus)

:-D I bet when this bonus set first started you guy didn't expect there were that many Ikkitousen vixens with barefoot scenes to post. Anyway on battle vixen #11 the cute assassin Teni.

(Once again...a huge thanks to Femdom and Scissor Expert Breakthewalls and the Legendary Master of Sole Shots Match25 for helping cap, organize and collect the images for this bonus. ^_^)

Teni has a bit of tragic past. She was raped and abused by her father whom she was forced to kill in self defense and as an orphan she was picked on by and tormented by her peers after the event. (Sadly, kids can have a tendency to be really cruel. :-() It was after this that Shiba-I took took Teni under her wing and taught her to be her most loyal and deadliest follower yet. (See here to find out the outcome of that one. ^_^;) Despite her innocent appearance and strong Catholic beliefs (Catholic Schoolgirl woot!!) Teni is extremely dangerous. She can wield almost any weapon and she nearly killed Ryomou* but luckily Chou'un intervened.

As mentioned in a prior bonus in the manga Teni is able to play the guitar and uses it to entertain Shiba-I who she has a strong attachment towards. She even hides a weapon she possesses (the 100 swing dragon blade) inside an electric guitar Teni also makes an appearance in an Ikkitousen videogame that takes place post Dragon's destiny. Despite being badly injured and hospitalized after attempting to steal the jade dragon from Ryomou, (Seriously messing with blue haired chicks is a bad idea. ^_^;). Teni is shown to make a full recovery in the anime and at the end of her season is shown to be taking care of horses. :-D

I can't help feeling a little bit sorry for Teni in this series. The poor girl is used and abused a lot even by the person she is loyal too. If I was taking of her...I would definitely make sure that a pretty girl like this was happy and wouldn't dream of making her suffer. She really deserves to have her feet worshipped and respected after all she has been through. Ok everyone...still more Ikkitousen to come

Have a great night guys. ^_^

*Not without taking a fair amount of damage though. I think in the manga Ryomou was even able to disarm her first. ^_^;

Ikkitousen: Gakushin (Bonus)

I know what you're thinking...didn't he just...? Well inspired by the Ikkitousen girls I'm channeling my inner dragon and going for a combo attack tributing these women in rapid succession. ^_^ Our next vixen up is the elite fighter Gakushin Bunken.

(Once again a combination of caps and webfinds from the Ikkitousen anime. Massive thank yous to Femdom and Scissor expert Breakthewalls as well as the Legendary Master of Sole Shots Match25 for organizing, capping and posting this bonus.)

A powerful fighter, Gakushin is a member of the "Mountain Gods" (a team of three elite fighters). She has the rather unique power of being able to read people's memories by kissing them. (Would love for her to test that ability on me. :-D) Eventhough she has a relatively minor appearance in the manga and anime, she's still really memorable and cool.

I was looking at the images and bios for this girl thinking this character looks like she's on her feet all day. I can only imagine how tired her feet must be from all that fighting and long mountain walks. I think that she would probably really for a foot rub. I'm sure there are more than a few foot fans out there who would love to show her feet their unique soothing power by kissing them.

Ok more Ikkitousen girls still to come everyone!!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Ikkitousen: Shiba-I

Hey guys. Had a bit of a long weekend this week and I probably might need some downtime in the future. However let's try and finish up these Ikkitousen girls before that happens. Ikkitousen has its share of prodigies, tomboys, dominitrixes, and fighters, I guess it was only a matter of time before we arrived at a full scale villainess. Keeping that in is a tribute to the ultimate bad girl of the series Shiba-I.

(Various webfinds and caps of Shiba-I from the Ikki Tousen anime. A huge thank you to the Femdom Master and Scissor Fan Breakthewalls (who I think really outdid himself finding rare barefoot moments of this hottie) as well as the Legendary Master of Sole Shots Match25 for organizing these bonuses, capping and transferring these images.)

You have your run of the mill bad girls who would be content with robbing a bank or two and creating a little havok and then there are villainesses like Shiba-I, When it comes to being evil, she pretty much sets the bar. Seeking nothing short of full scale chaos, this master manipulator's long list of evil deeds pretty much speak for themselves. First of all she pretends to need a wheelchair eventhough she can walk perfectly fine just to take advantage of handicapped benefits and fool her enemies into thinking she is helpless. (That's just wrong on so many levels.) She also somehow convinces the deeply religious Teni (the girl rubbing her back in the last cap) that she is Mary (Maria) and gets her to become her devout follower. Despite Teni's loyalty to her, Shiba-I is quick to discard any affection towards her follower when Teni is hospitalized after failing to bring her master the Jade dragon. Needless to say this bad girl would do anything to reach her goals including trying to run down heroes in the anime in her car. O_O Ultimately as a last resort this villainess sacrifices herself after her team is defeated to summon and power up a possessed Sousou (a dragon powered fighter who was the ultimate antagonist for that season) to lay the smackdown on the heroes. Have to give this girl an A+ for villainy. ^_^;

An interesting sidenote is that Shiba-I seems to like guitar music. She is seen playing a guitar in the Dragon's Destiny (Second season) opening credits and also teaches Teni how to play it in the manga so that Teni could entertain her master with it.

As a bad girl who seems to enjoy controlling people and getting them to wait on her hand and foot(I emphasize the latter term ;-D), I'm sure Shiba-I would enjoy getting her feet massaged and worshipped. She could manipulate me into being her foot servant any day. :-D

Ok more Ikkitousen women still to come guys!!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Ikkitousen: Ryofu

At the risk of leaving no recuperation period from the awesomeness of Chou'un barefoot attack last night, here is the next Ikkitousen female fighter...the seductive vixen Ryofu Housen.

(Once again a massive thank you to the Femdom and Scissor Expert Breakthewall, the Legendary Master of Sole Shots Match25 and the Sole Keeper for helping to cap, organize, tranfer and find the material used in this bonus)

You really have to give this girl some props. Ryofu is an extremely powerful fighter. In the course of the anime, she wiped the floor with Ryomou and would have beaten the undefeated Kanu as well if she wasn't struck by a chance lightning bolt. (Divine intervention on behalf of purple haired girls perhaps? ;-D) Like many other of the Ikkitousen characters, Ryofu is based off of one 0f the key players in Romance of the Three Kingdoms. In this case it is Lu Bu the strongest fighter of the Sanguo period. As such Ryofu really struggles with a harsh destiny left behind with her past life where she is intended to mirror her previous incarnation killing her leader and taking her own life.

Ryofu's personality is somewhat complex. On one hand she is quite the "Seductress" in the anime dressing in really skimpy attire and tending to behave really sexual agressively. (Keep in mind several of the characters she comes across in this anime are women ;-D) She also can be pretty sadistic and cruel seeming to get real pleasure from teasing and tormenting Ryomou. At the same time there is a compassionate side to Ryofu's personality as well. She really is shown to care deeply about the people she loves. She also comes off as a really determined character attempting to change her own destiny. In that way she mirrors Hakufu and Ukitsu who struggle against their own destinies in the series as well.

As a beautiful, powerful, and strong willed fighter Ryofu is definitely one woman whose feet deserve to be pampered. Her dominant and cruel streak might even make her the perfect complement for submissive foot fetishists. I don't think any of us would mind if she decided to use her feet to dominate, tease and torment us with.

Ok that's going to be it for tonight everyone but there's still more vixens as Ikkitousen week continues.

Until Next Time!!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Ikkitousen: Chou'un

Slicing her way into this bonus series, our next Ikkitousen girl up is the powerful white haired warrior maiden Chou'un Shiryuu.

(These are once again a combination of webfinds and caps from the Ikkitousen anime. A huge thanks to femdom and scissor expert Breakthewalls as well as the Legendary Master of Sole Shots Match25 for organizing, capping and transferring images for this bonus. Both you guys are awesome. ^_^)

This enigmatic swordswoman is badass. As the last of the Seito Academy female members Chou'un is also extremely dedicated to the protection of her academy's leader Ryuubi. (Wow that glasses girl really has a lot of really devoted hotties looking out for her ;-p). As a swordfighter, Chou'un is extremely skilled. This girl was able beat Ryomou when the latter's dragon had awakened and has held her own against Kanu fighting the undefeated purple haired fighter to a stand still. To top it off she pretty much takes on her opponents with her eyes completely shut. Blind swordswoman woot!! O_O

Chou'un's personality can be described as pretty laid back and relaxed. She believes violence is unnecessary and that conflicts can be solved without bloodshed. This is a stark contrast to her badass appearance (Bet this girl wouldn't have to say much to make you give up your lunch money ^_^;) She seems to have a great deal of respect for Kanu who is sort of like a rival to her. One fun quirk involving this girl is that despite her massive skill with a sword, she's terrible at gardening. The final episode of Dragon's Destiny had her attempt to shave a hedge...only to have it fall apart on her in the end. :-p Anyway, poor skills with flowers aside this girl is massively cool. ^_^

Judging from these caps, for someone who is using her feet a lot, Chou'un's feet look to be in really good condition. She must take really good care of them. I think it would be really awesome to give this girl a foot massage to help her relax after a long day of swordfighting.

Ok guys...yet some more Ikkitousen hotness to come. ^_^

Until Next Time!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ikkitousen: Koumei (Bonus)

Continuing with the Ikkitousen girls. Our next character up is the brilliant child strategist Koumei.

(These are a combinations of webfinds and caps from the Ikkitousen anime. A massive thank you to Scissor/Femdom fan Breakthewalls as well as the Legendary Master of Sole Shots Match25 for capping and organizing this bonus.)

Don't let her innocent appearance fool you. ^_^ Koumei may look like a young girl (which she technically is) but she's also an extremely intelligent and capable strategist. In fact this character pretty much singlehandedly created the strategy used to defeat Sousou (one of the lead Ikkitousen antagonists) and his group. When you take into account that Sousou has a powerful dragon to back's really quite a feat. ^_^; Koumei's brilliance as a strategist has earned her the nickname the "Crouching Dragon". As a member of the Seito academy, Koumei is very attached and protective of her leader Ryuubi (who as mentioned in an earlier bonus saved her from drowning). Although usually very serious, Koumei has been known act like a typical girl her age would on occasion. She enjoys building sandcastles and is really good at fishing. ^_^ All in all...she's a really cool character. :-D.

Ok everyone. More Ikkitousen still to come.

Heh heh the air in my apartment is way too hot. Gonna set my fan on maximum before I go to bed. Hope you guys are finding great ways to cool off this summer. :-D