Saturday, January 31, 2015

Two Megaposts yet to be

I recall two separate shows which one I can call a gold mine and another I will call a diamond mine that has yet to be dug up. I would love to cap these series myself but don't have the time. So I thought I would bring them to your attention.

The first is the gold mine known as As Told By Ginger. If I remember correctly I believe there are nice clear foot and sole shots at least once an episode. And even the eps that don't the girls are usually wearing foot revealing shoes which is always nice.

Now the diamond mine I speak of is a show called Tupu (or Toupou). Its a show about a girl who lives in the New York park. Now why I call this a diamond mine is because Tupu is always barefoot (except for the last episode) and since she is a wild girl there are tons of shots of her showing off her feet (heck even her logo is an imprint of her foot). Not only that I believe there are so many shots in this series that you can do a post of her "per episode". Yup enough material for essentially 25 separate posts. The only place I know of where this can be seen is here but I also know of a neat trick if you would prefer to watch them off of youtube. If you were to add "ss" after the www. and before youtube (www.ssyoutubexxxxxxxxxxx) to the video you are currently watching it will let you download it for free.

Well with that said, happy mining animated foot lovers.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Mona the Vampire: Angela Smith

Angela is Mona's snobbish rival in the series. Often, Angela boasts about her wealth to her classmates and often enlists George in her schemes to cause problems for Mona. Her parents won the lottery and spoil her rotten.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Legend of Calamity Jane

The Legend of Calamity Jane was an action cartoon from the 90s that can be described as "female Batman in the Old West." It was a fantastic show that sadly got canceled early on due to dark themes and gun violence. Even more sadly, the series never had a home video release, so the only way to watch it now is some low quality recordings on Youtube. I apologize for the crappy resolution of these caps, but this is a favorite show of mine and I wanted to showcase it. If it is ever released on DVD I will jump at the chance to cap the series again. Hope you enjoy.

More to come soon! Peace out.