Monday, March 28, 2016

Pokemon: Korrina 2

As suspected in the last Korrina tribute, the latest episode of Pokemon gave us some follow up glances at the gym leader barefoot. ^_^

(These were capped from Pokemon XYZ episode 20 Elle vs Serena! Open The Door To The Future. Once again really big thank yous to GumballW and bubblesishot46853 for tipping me off to this.)

Part 1 of this tribute:

Ok guys... That's all I have for right now. ^_^

Until Next Time
-KSC which in this case stands for Korrina's Sole Cleaner  ;-)

Kaijudo Rise of the Duel Masters: Allison Underhill

Even though her dad is wealthy, Allie does not have the stereotypical "rich girl attitude". Instead she's fiercely independent and incredibly adventurous. She's also very caring, though her selfish side emerges when things don't go her way. As a duelist, Allie quickly becomes emotionally attached to her creatures especially in her bond with Squeaky from the mysterious Darkness Civilization.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Uncharted 4 CG Trailer- Elena Fisher

Sony and Naughty Dog released a new trailer and it contained an awesome treat in it! In case you haven't played Uncharted yet (You totally should! They rock!) Elena Fisher is a journalist looking to get her big hit when she meets Nathan Drake as he leads her into a series of incredibly dangerous locations in order to search for the lost secrets and treasure.

She is almost as capable as Nathan Drake and has been shown to be able to handle herself quite well in just about any situation. That being said she has a big of an ego and tends to think she's better than she really is which gets her in some trouble. In Uncharted 4 she is now Nathan Drake's wife. Well, let's get to the pics!

So yeah! Saw this and wanted to get it up here right away! So here we are!

As always, thanks for reading!