Friday, July 31, 2009

Ino and Sakura (Bonus) w/ Spotlights wasn't easy but I got Ino and Sakura to put aside their rivalry just this once in favor of a megasized double bonus. Fair're gonna need a lot of ice nearby for this one. (I recommend at least 10 bags) Trust'll thank me later. ;-)

Ino (Make sure you have a good grip on the first ice bag)

Sakura (No doubt the first bag is completely melted by now...grab the second one :-D)

Both of them (For your own safety grab a tight hold on Ice bag #3...seriously I'm not joking!!)

Not quite done yet. ^_^; Hang in there guys

W/ some Guest stars (No doubt bags 4 & 5 were used up in the last one grab bag 6 & 7)

Well..that takes care of the rest of the ice...pick up your jaws and run for the cold shower everyone.

^_^; What I wouldn't give to be these two gorgeous women's personal footslave worshipping, massaging, getting dominated and tickling their feet all day long. ^_^

A couple of credits for this mega-set. Those are from various episodes of the Naruto and Naruto Shippuuden series specifically Naruto episode 3, the Shippuuden Three tails arc as well as the most recent ending theme. Massive thank yous to Hinata-Chan, An Anonymous User, Match25 (the Legendary Master of Sole Shot) and Adam for tipping me off to these scenes. Yup my first 5 person assist bonus set. You guys totally rock!!!

Ok...because working with Ino's feet just fills me with an endless amount of energy. I'm going to attempt something I haven't done in a long time...a full scale end of the week entry!!!

This Week:
Yeah I actually wrote some chapters for a change. ^_^ To go along with this megabonus I wrote a couple of chapters starring the lovely ladies above for the Fantasy Foot Fetish Mansion interactive ( involving being a slave to their feet. If Ino and Sakura weren't enough for you...there are also some awesome new chapters by Shanks and Breakthewalls involving being dominated by Nami and Ryomou's feet. Enjoy guys!!

Another short addition that I added was to Mr. Cool's Beneath your Big Sister's smelly feet story ( involving you being made to lick your Sister's friends feet clean.

There were a lot of stories I really enjoyed reading this week including some recent chapters to Melroser's Naruto Feet Stories interactive ( involving Naruto becoming Sakura's slave by 2233445 and new author SuperNinja20xd6.

Another interactive with some really good chapters this week was Mr. Cool's Anime/Videogame Girls Feet Torture Interactive ( for its chapters involving the Nintendo girls Samus, Peach and Zelda's feet. The author responsible for these Capt.Wolf has a very unique writing style but I liked it a lot. My favorite chapter so far is when the main character is forced to spend some "foot to face" bonding time with Samus's feet. ^_^
Coming Up:
As the end of the month quickly approaches there are a lot of things going on. The July poll of the month is rapidly coming to a close (16 hours left at the time I'm posting this) which means its the last chance to lock in your votes for your favorite spellcaster. ^_^ I'll post the results and a tribute to the winner tomorrow. O_O I'm excited to find which girl it will be. :-D I'll also post a new poll of the month tomorrow evening as well.

Next month there's a lot of good things going on including the biggest series of bonuses here yet (yup even bigger than the Disney set). I've been really looking forward to posting these for a while.

Anyway, have a great day everyone and as usual...more to come soon!!