Friday, February 27, 2009

Fujiko Mine (Bonus 2)

Just a quick bonus tonight. A few more caps of Fujiko's feet. Enjoy guys!!

(These are taken from the series Lupin three. While a couple of these are webfinds, most of these were capped by the Legendary Master of Sole Shots Match25 himself. (Thanks for these man))

I think it's pretty cool that some of these caps have her toenails always hot when a woman draws attention to her feet. :-D

Ok...because of some important familial obligations tommorow, this will probably be my last entry of the month but don't worry...I'll be back on sunday just in time to announce and tribute this month's poll winner. Speaking of which...last chance to lock in this month's votes everyone.

Have a great weekend everybody!!
P.S. Yeah I know...its the second week in a row without any spotlights. ^_^; I'll post a few next week.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Enchanted: Giselle (Bonus)

I told you there was the possibility of more Disney bonuses in the future but I bet you didn't expect one so soon. Actually neither did I. ^_^ This special bonus comes courtesy of a tip from Sandmaster and some quick capping work from Match25 (our resident Master of Sole Shots). Giselle is exceptionally pretty. Enjoy guys!!!

(These were capped from the opening segment of Disney's Enchanted. Massive thanks to both Sandmaster and Match for finding and capping this one.)

That is one lucky Chipmunk. :-D With hot women like that walking around barefoot in Andalasia...It really doesn't surprise me that love at first sight happens there so often. :-)

Ok everyone...I'll keep things short for today. As usual...more to come soon!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Disney Invasion: Jane (Bonus)

While Match is distracting La with a foot massage, I was able to sneak away to upload this final Disney Invasion bonus. Luckily, Daniel Wickie managed to rescue Jane just in time to close out the Disney girls with style. Enjoy everyone!!

(Ok, these caps are a combination of shots from the Tarzan movie and animated series. Once again I have to give a Mega-Sized thank you to Match25 (the Legendary Master of Sole Shots) not just for capping the movie and finding these episode scenes but also for all his help throughout this entire set of posts. This invasion would not have been possible without him. ^_^)

So what's so special about Jane? Well besides the fact that she's pretty, remarkably intelligent, and has an adorable British accent and great personality (I love her dry sense of humor)...there's the sheer volume of foot scenes available for her. Between losing her footwear midway through the Tarzan movie and a ton of barefoot appearances throughout the Tarzan series, Jane has more barefoot scenes then other Disney girl to date. Also because her movie came late in the disney lineup, her feet are remarkably detailed too. *Takes a moment to daydream about them* Ah such a great character.

Alright everybody after travelling from the Great wall of China to the forests of North America, the deserts of Agrabah, to the streets of Paris, exploring the Jungles of India and Africa and touching the ocean floor itself; After spanning over 5 decades of Cartoon animation and worshiping the feet of heroines, villainesses, princesses and everyday girls's time to finally bring these Disney bonuses to a close. Hopefully I managed to bring back at least one childhood memory to make you guys smile.

Ok...Just because the Disney Invasion is over doesn't mean you've seen the last of these girls. In its 80 year history, Disney has created some remarkable films and a rich set of characters and as the comments to some of these posts will attest, there's definitely more to post for them. Don't be too surprised if they reappear here in the future. Speaking of the future...more to come soon everyone.