Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Atlantis: Kida (Bonus)

With the movie Atlantis, Disney once again fails to disappoint its female foot fans. While seeing the cute mechanics bare soles was definitely a nice treat, the real "prize" was a hot Atlantian Princess who is barefoot throughout the film. Woo Hoo!!!!

(I have to give Massive thank yous to both Match25 (the Legendary Master of Sole Shots) for renting and capping this movie and Samspider3 for introducing me to this awesome princess.)

Kida is one of those gorgeous woman that I could spend all day just staring at her feet. *takes a moment to daydream about that a bit before remembering that I'm in the middle of a blog entry* She's also a really great character with a great personality (strong, energetic, playful, determined and courageous). Atlantis is definitely a really awesome film.

Ok as promised here are a couple of writing spotlights for this week...


Since there's definitely been a lot of great writing to spotlight over the past couple of weeks, I'm going to split up the spotlights into two segments...the first will part be posted today and the rest on Friday (hopefully).

First up...
The Smell of Her Feet
by Mr. Cool
Once again I can't help keep myself from featuring this interactive yet but it really did have my favorite additions of the week thanks to an awesome set of chapters allowing you to become Misty's (yup that Misty) footslave.

Shrunk with Friends, Family and More by Mr E:
In past spotlights I've went on and on about how cool the threads involving being under the main character's sister Julie's feet in this GTS interactive were. I've even mentioned the threads involving his cousin Bianca and aunt Cassandra but the latest foot additions to grab my attention from this rapidly growing story involves the main character's hot neighbor Rachel's feet here and here.
I Dream of Genie's Feet!!! by Howdyboy:
There's been a lot of great continuations this week and the author Nabi's thread involving the genie playing around with one of your wishes is definitely one of them. Be warned though...this one has some adult content involved. ^_^

Bleach Girls Feet Battle by Torborg:
This stories return appearance here is thanks to some really hot new chapters involving Rukia using her foot odor to torture Orihime by Cowmann. You can check out the entire (including some earlier chapters by other authors) here.

Kingdom Hearts Shrinking Story by Zinkro:
Not to be confused with Howdyboy's interactive...this story has a really great thread involving the Organization 13 villainess Larxene "playing with" a tiny Sora by the author Albo. The first couple of chapters involve her using her feet to torture/pleasure him. Larxene is hot. ^_^
And finally…
Naruto Girls Foot Worship by Justmyself

This story has some really great new chapters describing what it would be like to be Anko’s foot servant by Kiddo and 2233445. O_O

Ok that will basically do it for now. Just a quick reminder everyone…the end of the month is rapidly approaching which means it’s the last chance to vote in the current poll. I’ll post the results and a tribute to winning fantasy situation on Friday.

Have a good night everyone and as usual…more to come soon.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Disney's Atlantis: Audrey

Judging from most of the comments of the last post, it seems that a lot of you prefer your women to take off their socks before showing off their soles. Well in the following Atlantis scene the cute mechanic Audrey Ramirez does exactly that. Enjoy guys!!

(These are capped from the film Atlantis. Massive Thank yous to the Legendary Master of Sole Shots Match25 for capping this scene and Samspider3 for tipping us off to this awesome movie)

I love footwear stripping. ^_^

I just want to apologize for posting everything so slowly lately guys. I'm still playing a little bit of catch up. Hopefully my schedule will lighten up pretty soon!! I also try to post some spotlights with my next post.

Ok...let's talk about Atlantis a little bit. It's interesting because I think Match and I initially watched the film without intending to post this spicy mechanic. We were actually looking for another female character who's barefoot throughout the movie. (You see where my next post is going don't you?) However, the cast of the film proved so charming that it's really hard to ignore side characters like Audrey. All of them have really interesting personalities (complete with their own quirks) and great character development throughout the film. Since a lot of people didn't get a chance to see this one, I won't spoil it but this film has a lot of dramatic and comedic moments. It was also a really exciting film to watch.

Beside Audrey, this film has two other really cool female characters to watch out for. One is a really hot villainess who sadly doesn't go barefoot in the film, and the other......well you'll find out about her in my next post. ^_^

Have a great day everyone!!!