Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Winx Club: Princess Stella

Stella is the Princess of Solaria, the Fairy of the Shining Sun. She was first introduced when Bloom saved her from Knut the Ogre and the Ghouls, and has always been somewhat of a guardian to Bloom during the first season. She starts to look after herself and the rest of the Winx for the rest of the series, and is very picky about fashion sense. Although she can be a bit spoiled sometimes, she is nevertheless worthy of being a Winx Fairy.

Personally, I like Stella. She is always doing everything she can to make herself beautiful, and can always make men do whatever she wants them to do. Fun fact, maybe obvious if you think about it, but she is the only Blonde Girl in the Winx Club. Imagine if this Princess made you worship her feet as a prize for carrying her bags for her after a long walk. Think about how sweaty this sunshine girl's feet would be at the end of the day, or imagine if she wanted you to give her a pedicure. Nevertheless, Stella is a fun girl. I hope you see more of what I have to post! Stay tuned!