Friday, September 28, 2012

Princess Resurrection Bonus

Match25 is at it again, and now after nearly getting killed by these beauties 100 times over just to get these pictures. Here they are for all to enjoy, the lovely demon girls of the anime series Princess Resurrection.

Obviously she wants to go first, the girl who wishes to be called by the name Hime (princess in Japanese), the Gothic Lolita princess of the demon world, Hime.

Sadly this was the only time she would let people see her foot outside of her boots. But she still wishes for them to be loved by all her servants. Also despite her cold appearance, she does appear to have a deep loyalty to those that serve her.

The next is her younger sister Sherwood, and unlike her older sister, she loves to show off her bare feet.

Like the title says "resurrection", these princesses have the ability to bring the dead back to life. Where Hime does it through her finger, the cute Sherwood uses her foot. Got to love all the opportunities I was able to get of her showing off her cute feet.

The next girl is Reiri, a pure blooded vampire.

She is the most popular girl at school and she knows it, loving the attention of being a model student all while they are completely unaware of her darker side. Though unwilling to be considered a servant to Hime because of her pride, she will still rely information to the princess of any enemies that have arrived. Though this is more because she wishes to be the one to take the blood of a noble princess.

Well that was the last of the main characters, but the anime managed to sneak in two characters just for this series.

The first I must say is just so cute, the Cat Girl Hiroko.

Now this is the type of cat we are looking for when we want a pet, one with such cute feet.

And to finish this bonus off, the Witch of the Black Forest.

This cute girl, looking for eternal youth, attacked Hime in hopes that her immortal blood will grant her that. She is easily defeated and despite her attempt, they allowed her to live in which Reiri gave her a case of moisturizers. With this she tricked the witch and they never saw her again.

I Match25, will continue to live up to my title of "Master of Sole Shots", and go to the darkest places all over the world (and maybe even off this world) to gain the pictures of beauties showing off their cute feet. I am back and going to get this group back to its former glory. I am about to make a Tomboy Bonus, anyone with tomboy barefeet images please email them to so I can add them.

Pokemon: Cynthia

Some quick shots of that hot Sinnoh trainer courtesy of Davonte Wagner.