Tuesday, January 31, 2012

MM! Finale: Arashiko Yuuno is the the finale to MM! girl tributes. A tribute to the other lead female character role Arashiko Yuuno.

Wow...getting stepped on and abused by both of the female lead's feet. Sado really lucks out in this anime. ^_^

(A combination of caps and webfinds from various episodes of the MM! anime including episodes 3, 7 and 10 as well as the DVD extras. Massive thanks to both Why_Zee_Ex (he really was the one who organized and made this set possible) and Veroom for capping and informing us about scenes in the series)

What is it about purple haired girls that just make them so irresistably cute. ^_^ Arashiko is actually my personal favorite character in the series. Sure I love dominant type of girls a lot and Mio definitely rocks but when it came down to it, Arashiko's sweetness was just a lot more charming. She is the type of woman a lot of people would love to have as a girlfriend with the exception of one quirk. She has androphobia (a fear of men) and freaks out when guys touch here. I'm afraid with her feet it would probably be a look but don't touch situation for most of you. She is still a really nice character though and i like her a lot. ^_^

In the anime, she is responsible for turning the main character into a masochist when he tried to hit on her and touched her (without knowing she was an androphobe) and was slapped by her for it. She's similar to the main character in a way because she knows that she has a flaw and is trying to find ways to cure herself of it but is having a limited amount of success. Everytime her and Tarou accidentally touch she winds up slapping him and apologizing for it. He doesn't mind though because he likes being beaten up by women. She loves animals and sometimes pretends the main character is her puppy so that she can be around him without fear. Despite her character flaw, Arashiko is really sweet most of the time. She actually develops a crush on Sado in the series and shows him geniune affection. It's really touching. ^_^

Well...that's it for the MM! girls. :-D This bonus set ran longer than I intended thanks to some great tip offs and me getting hooked on the anime but it was really fun to work on. ^_^ Tomorrow's the first of the month so that leaves me with a lot to do. I think that I'm going to probably post the poll results on Thursday so that I can give Arashiko a little bit more screentime. I'll still try to post a new poll in evening though. I'm also still working on Chun Li so I'll probably be posting both her and this month's winner over the next month. ^_^ I'm also organizing the new spotlights segment too.

Alright everyone...that's all for now. ^_^ As always...more to come soon!!