Friday, January 31, 2014

Kaleido Star: Sarah Dupont

Sarah is the from United Kingdom and is the main singer of the Kaleido Stage.



Kampfer: Akane Mishima

Ok for the final post of the January tributes. Here is a megapost to the last Kampfer girl Akane Mishima. ^_^ My favorite character in the Kampfer series, Akane has the unique trait of having a Kampfer personality that is radically different from her regular personality. In her normal persona, Akane is a shy honor student while her Kampfer persona is a loud mouthed trigger happy redhead. It's actually a lot of fun to see how radically different they are. :-)
That's just adorable. ^_^
Akane actually says Checkmate when she points her gun at Kaede's head in this scene. As a chess lover I really enjoyed hearing her say that. :-)
Like Senou, Akane winds up having to model clothing a lot leading to many cosplay scenarios. ^_^ The cowgirl outfit definitely really suits her because she gets to carry a gun. ^_^ 
Like Shizuku, Akane plays footsie with Senou under the table. ^_^
As you can see she's not quite as skilled as at it though. However coming on the coming on the heels of Shizuku's footsie...It's enough to drive Senou completely wild and it proves too much for him. ^_^
(These are also from various episodes of Kampfer. The footsie scene comes from Episode 14. Once again a really big thank you to His Divine Shadow for introducing me to this series. ^_^)

As you guys probably noticed. Akane's Kampfer style is a gun type. She can make her guns appear at will and she loves shooting them (maybe a little  bit too much ^_^;). Her voice actress is Yui Horie which the anime actually references one episode. She's really very talented. :-)

With Akane it's sort of the best of both worlds. Her Kampfer persona is really hot and dominating. It a lot of fun seeing her mouth off and threaten her way through her scenes. She's still really good at heart though and you get the sense that she really cares about Senou a lot.  She always gets furious and threatens Senou at gunpoint when she gets jealous of another girl. In contrast, her normal personality is so sweet you can't help smiling when you see her. She works as a librarian in her school which really seems to suit her very well. ^_^ She really would make a great girlfriend. Just watch out for her temper. :-)

Ok guys...this wraps up the Kampfer tributes and also concludes the January Marathon. Thanks very much for watching. :-) I really hope that you guys enjoyed it. Please feel free to leave any comments about it below. Maybe let me know what your favorite posts were etc. 

As always...more to come soon!