Sunday, January 30, 2011

Giantess Bonus: Veronica Lodge Part 2

Hi guys...I apologize for once again going radio silent. My winter break turned out to be a lot busier than I thought it would be. ^_^; The good news is that I wasn't completely slacking off blogwise...I was doing a lot of behind the scenes stuff (i.e. capping, organizing material, working on some new story arcs etc). I also have a couple of other surprises I can't wait to show you guys. :-D Anyway a lot to catch up on so let's get right to it!! :-D Where we last Veronica Lodge...she was 50 feet tall and mad. Angry + GTS...I'm sure you realize where this going...yup rampage!! ^_^;

Episode Quote: Veronica (after she rips apart a clothing store) - "If I can't wear a size 7 than nobody can Ha Ha Ha" ;-p

(Once again I have to give some massive thank yous to both Martin and JTurner for helping me find and cap these scenes from the Archie's Weird Mysteries episode "Attack of the 50 Foot Veronica". Thanks guys)

Leave it to Veronica to incorporate fashion with unbridled GTS rage. ^_^; One of the things that I really love about GTS scenes is the giantess's feet becomes the center of attention for a large amount of time. I imagine that part of her body would be what must people would be concerned about if they saw a GTS walking towards them. ^_^;

Ok guys...still a lot to catch up on. I'll finish the GTS set next post and I'll continue to knock off the other sets after that. ^_^

Just in case you guys are wondering what my backlog is like here's a rough outline

Poll Tributes

Major Series Tributes
10 sets

Other Blog posts
500 (roughly)

Writing Chapters

*Whew*That's not even including the website overhaul. Heh heh much to little time. ^_^; All right...on that note...more to come soon!!

Have a great day everyone!!