Wednesday, December 30, 2009

DA Christmas Bonus Part 4

Ok...First off since this is probably my last post of 2009...I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year. Now, to end the year with a is the 4th part of the great Deviant Art Christmas Bonus. :-D This segment gives a special nod to the artist's original and classic characters as well. It takes a lot of hard work and skill to be able to create a character memorable enough to stick in a viewer's mind. All of the artists in this set have managed to successfully cross that bridge. Time to break out the champagne guys!!


Fmilling's artwork was the catalyst that inspired this segment. Among foot fetishists there are two original characters whose reputations have reached almost epic proportions. The first is Yenny, a blue haired foot fetish hottie with size 15 feet that have even managed to break into the mainstream comic book market. The second is the ticklish alien above. Since their debut, Teeva's size 15 feet have understandably been the object of many a foot fetishists fantasies. Who wouldn't want to nuzzle against this playful extraterrestrial's soles as she wiggles her toes for your viewing pleasure. Fmilling picked a great sampling of his artwork to show you guys. I especially like the 4th picture where Teeva is practically stepping on your face and the first and last picture. I wonder how Fmilling managed to get her soles to look so realistic? Not to mention her pedicure in the first picture is really hot. Speaking of pedicures...gotta love peace sign one the 2nd picture. I also really like the detail in that picture too. It's awesome how you can see the imprint of her soles in her sandals. I'd also love to be those blades of grass in the third picture tickling her feet.

Fmilling's gallery offers has a ton more images and info about Teeva for you guys to enjoy. Be sure to visit it if you have the chance. :-D


The pictures above star 2 of Mpgraphics' original creations Amy and Amelia, both of whom are rapidly taking the foot fetish world by storm. Not only are these girls incredibly hot, they really have distinct and memorable personalities. You really have to read some of the sarcastic comments Amelia makes in her other pictures. That goth totally rocks. ^_^ Of course the best thing about these girls is they are constantly finding their feet on display. Amy the cute pink-haired girl who is showing off her attractive bare feet in the first two pictures (one of which she appears with the hot barefoot gym leader Maylene O_O) is constantly getting her feet tickled. Amelia on the other hand is constant propping her feet up on the table for us to stare at just like she's doing in that awesome third picture. Something gives me the feeling she's doing that to tease up. :-D

Mpgraphics' gallery offers a lot more of these women as well as some other tickling and foot fetish artwork as well. (My jaw dropped when I saw a comission involving a barefoot Tifa and Aeris getting senseless in the mix :-D) In addition to Mpgraphics' gallery, I'd also like to mention that this artist has some great comic book art as well. His page comic page is currently down at the moment but I'll post a link when it gets back up.


DemonKing666 has also created some really memorable original characters. The most popular is his protagonist Jenny Footbere, a hot Native American girl who loves going barefoot. O_O Sadly, I don't have any pictures of her to show you guys (you can catch her in Demonking's gallery though ^_^) but I do have pictures of her mother, rival and friend (the second, first, and third pic respectively). The first picture shows off the soles of Lady Scarfoot...a bad girl who is really into foot domination. My type of woman. :-D The second picture depicts Lucy Footbere (Jenny's mom) showing off her feet and the third picture is of Masane a the hot Japanese barefoot wrestler. about a wide range of characters.

DemonKing's gallery which contains a section dedicated to barefoot girls...has a lot more of his original characters as well as some anime, videogame and cartoon characters as well. I was drooling over a barefoot image of Samus. He even has a section dedicated to Avatar and Sailor Moon. Sweet!!


In the seven months that he has been on Deviant Art, MostlyFunStuff's artwork has taken the site completely by storm. This artist really draws a wide range of material from Anime girls, to Videogame girls, to Original characters and everything comes out superb. I'm really a huge admirer of his artwork. ^_^ As the first 3 pictures attest, I could have easily put him with the anime or videogame artists but I chose to include him with this one for 2 reasons. First he's had some really awesome original characters that I am really hoping will become popular. (I would so love to see 666 and 777 become household names). Second his DA page has helped promote other artist's original character as well. I actually learned about Jenny Footbere and Rosusonikku's Jessie through his drawing. You can also see him introducing another Rosusonikku character in the fourth picture. MostlyFunStuff's original creations include the sexy brunette badgirl 666, the hot blond heroine 777 (my personal favorite), the exotic wild girl with size 19 feet Mia O_O, the tall beauty with gorgeous soft soles Elle (she's the hot brunette in the 4th picture), and the raven haired vixen Sheena (*searches refrigerator for ice*).

With his drawing, the first picture is one of my favorites. When I look at Viewtiful Joe's Sylvia giving such an amazing close-up Kick, it feels like I'm actually getting smacked by her sole. Wow!! The awesomeness doesn't go down in any of his other pictures either and its really great to see rare barefoot depictions of Rosalina and Kazemon (Digital Goodness indeed!! ^_^). Needless to say I really loved the other pictures too. :-D The two sets of hot soles in the 4th picture and the hot scientist resting her feet on the desk in the 5th had me licking my screen. ^_^

MostlyFunStuff's created two different accounts to keep his foot fetish artwork separate from his regular drawings so his entire gallery is devoted foot fetish goodness. O_O He has a really nice combination of Original characters and Anime/cartoon/videogame fanart including some rare hotties like Juri and Kaorinite. :-) Make sure to look at the artwork "Casual Obligation" at its full size while you're there. You'll be really glad that you did.

Ok...a special thank you Fmilling, Mpgraphics, Demonking666, and MostlyFunStuff for allowing me to post their artwork here as well as Match25 (the Legendary Master of Sole Shots himself) for organizing this mega-series.

With the end of the year comes a few announcements. First the final poll of the month for this year closes out tonight so it's the last chance for everyone to lock in your votes. With the leading women neck to neck...I'll really curious to see who walks away with the win in this one when the smoke clears. O_O As always I'll post the results, and a new poll tomorrow as well as a tribute to the winner later in the week. Ok guys...I'd better get ready to complete my classic New Year's ritual and ring in the new year with Ino's feet in my face.

Happy New Year Everybody!!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

DA Christmas Bonus Part 2's the next segment of the DA Bonus. One of the first things that you will notice if you visit DA is the wide variety of artwork. You'll see everything from pencil artwork to photographs to CG images. This bonus focuses on classic pencil and ink techniques honoring the artists that draw in Black and White. There are some really beautiful pictures in this set. I hope you guys like them. ^_^


I have a tremendous amount of respect for the artist above. Being able to both write and draw well totally rocks. The first picture involving Mai Valentine showing off her gorgeous soles is one of my favorite pictures of all time. (It helps that I have a huge crush on the sexy blond duelist) As a Naruto fan, I really love the pictures of Kurenai and Tsunade as well. Kurenai looks like she's having the time of her life getting tickled. ^_^

If you visit this artist's gallery, you are in for a real treat. He has more images involving women relaxing with their footwear off and even some pictures of the some popular forms of anime footwear as well. Fans of Naruto and Yugioh will definitely enjoy this site tremendously plus there are other characters there to enjoy as well. :-)


I love the perspectives that this artist chooses to draw very much. There's nothing hotter than a girl relaxing with her soles extended towards you. Seeing the first image of Asure having her feet propped up on a coffee table had me really wanting to lick my screen. (Click on these to have the full effect) I really love her stare too. You can actually see the boredom on the girl's face. The temperature in the room doesn't drop with any of the other pictures either. Just look at the gamer relaxing with her feet on a desktop...*wipes forehead* (Man girl gamers are really hot). Then there's Jessie in the middle of an exercise routine placing her feet exactly where we want them to be. Don't even get me started on the POV stomp in pic 4 and I'd really love to be a foot massager to the android girl in the last pic. O_O I seriously need a cold shower.

Rosusonikku's gallery has over 200 pictures...with a lot of them emphasizing women's feet as nicely as the pictures above do. Two of my personal favorites that you'll have to search through his gallery for are "Misty's Resting Spot" (involving exactly the Pokemon trainer you are thinking of) and "Pico is Not a Footrest". O_O Also watch for more of his original characters like the hot ladies above.


The girl in the above picture (Tom-101's original character named Michelle) reminds me a lot of Orihime from Bleach. She's really very hot. I love the way that her toes are drawn and her soles are in a that teasingly provocative pose almost tempting you to run your fingertips across them.

Tom's gallery has a lot of really awesome foot pictures in it including some really great tickle pictures. I love his use of comic book bubbles in his artwork as well. I wish these type of comics made their way in the sunday section of the newspaper. ^_^ There's more of Michelle in his gallery as well. :-)


While Yura definitely grabbed my attention when she appeared in the Inuyasha anime, it was this artist's artwork of her that knocked my foot fetish for that villainess into full swing. I really love the detail PsyliaDragoon puts into the soles in her sketches. You could even see the wrinkles of a character's feet. Each one of these pictures caused my jaw to drop to the floor and had me wishing that I was there to nuzzle my face against these dream girls' soles. Just look at the ultra cute girl sleeping peacefully in her hammock in the first picture; her soles practically pressing against the viewer's face. I'd definitely follow that rabbit to wonderland. The Fairy girl showing the bottom of both her feet has a similar affect on me as well and as powerful as the kick in the third picture looks, I can't help but wish I could experience it first hand. Just imagine being in the the bar with Tiana or swimming behind Marina in the second picture. O_O These shots are really beautifully drawn.

PsylisiaDragoon's gallery has a ton of awesome barefoot pictures to stare at. Included in the mix are women relaxing barefoot, girls stretching their feet towards you, some deadly POV kicks, and barefoot girl on girl tickle fights. ^_^ In addition to some really hot original characters, also keep an eye out for some artwork involving anime and girls like Christie, Seung Mina and Yura.

Ok that basically it for today. Massive thank yous to the artists Kiddr15, Rosusonikku, Tom-101, and PsylisiaDragoon for allowing me to post their artwork here as well as the legendary Master of Sole Shot Match25 for organizing these megasets. Please make sure that you visit their pages on DA to support their artwork as well as check out more of their material.

Ok guys more DA artwork is coming up. Have a very happy holiday!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

DA Christmas Bonus Part 1

Hi Guys. With the holiday spirit in the air, I can't think of a better Christmas present than to start posting this particular bonus showcasing the amazing talent on Deviant Art. I've been looking forward to posting this one since september when Match25 (the Legendary Master of Sole Shots) first invited the artists of DA to contribute to this bonus. Thankfully a lot really cool artists agreed to participate. Enjoy everyone!!


One of the things that I really admire about ericdee24 is that his artwork is constantly improving. The soles on his characters he draws get more detailed, his poses more advanced, and his coloring techniques just seem to get better and better as time passes. When Match sent me these pictures, I received them in the order of Hinata, Tiana, and Rosalina towards the beginning and Kurenai and the double shot involving Tsunade and Temari a couple of month later. As a Naruto fan just seeing the gorgeous image of Hinata's bare soles had me staring in amazement and I'm sure you can imagine my reaction to opening an e-mail and finding a gorgeous image of barefoot Kurenai. O_O The timing of when I received Tsunade and Temari picture and when I posted this bonus pretty much assured that it would be the first in the set. I also really loved the other images as well. Both princesses are really hot. For some reason a foot fetish picture of the new Disney girl Princess Tiana just makes me smile. Disney Feet rocks!!

ericdee24's gallery has a lot of really cool material including foot fetish stories, more Naruto women (I was greatly enjoying the various shots of Ino's gorgeous feet that were there), and some rare female hotties that I've never seen anyone attempt to draw barefoot. This artist also has implemented some really creative ideas too. Have you every wondered what mixture between Temari and Ten Ten would be like? How about a crossover between the Naruto series and Southpark. Check out his page to find out. ^_^


I was complete blown away by the above shot showing off Sakura's soles with such detail and proximity to the picture viewer's face that you could almost smell them. Amaffa's another artist that just seems to be getting better with time and this is really one of his best works. I really love the detail of Sakura's soles; the wrinkles on her arch, the shape of the balls of her feet, and the pink shading really make her feet look realistic. It's like she's just taken off her boots and is resting her feet in your face.

Amaffa's gallery has a lot of really cool foot fetish artwork including sketches of hotties Dawn Hikari, Ada Wong, Sasame, and Rin. O_O


Killalot2k was one of first artists that I bookmarked when I learned about the Deviant Art website. The reason was that he had a very good eye for Foot fetish pictures and I really learned about a lot of foot fetish artists from him and his favorites section. It was really nice to see that he started drawing pictures himself. One of the really nice thing about this artist is that he draws a lot of rare hotties. It's not everyday that you get to see foot fetish images of Alex or Gi's feet. Seeing both of those pictures had me thinking in one syllable thoughts along the lines of Wow and Hot. I also really enjoyed Gi's comment in the 3rd picture. :-D I like the other pictures a lot too. Both Ami and Yumi are new to me but they both look real cute. Getting to see Yumi's feet in particular was really nice because barefoot goths are awesome. ^_^

Killalot2k's gallery has over 80 deviations...all of them foot related. My favorites of his (in addition to these) included a picture involving the villainess Left Foot, a barefoot drawing of Linka, a shot of barefoot Gwen and barefoot shot of Princess Jasmine. ^_^ I also strongly recommend you check out his favorites section too. Along with Match25, he has one of the best collections of favorited foot fetish pictures on DA.


The thing that I immediately noticed about this artist's contributions were the drawings of the Lucky Stars girls which of course had me thrilled beyond belief. There's not nearly enough foot related material of Konata and Company out there for us to enjoy. I have developed a little bit of a crush on Kagami and Yutaka so you can imagine how happy I was to see the second picture. I also really loved the third picture too. (Who wouldn't want to worship a hot teacher's soles?) The other 2 shots are also really awesome too. The girl in the fourth picture looks really cute with glasses and the "Cat decoration" (click the image for the full size view) on her toes. I also loved Megumi's pose in the last image. The positioning of her feet is really hot.

ZeroXMegumi's gallery is filled with really cool material both fetish related and non-fetish related alike. It has foot fetish stories (I was ecstatic to see one of Sailor Mars in the mix O_O), custom Yugioh cards, and of course more artwork of barefoot female characters. Keep an eye out for barefoot images of Saria, Lydia (from Beetlejuice), Sakuya and Catgirls. ^_^


It took me a long time to avert my gaze long enough from Terra's soles in the last shot to type this entry. Wieweet's artwork is top notch. I love how in a lot of pictures he leaves the girls footwear nearby for the us foot connoisseurs to fantasize about sniffing. The first image of Katara is every fanboy's dream. Who wouldn't want to tickle such an attractive waterbender? I'm not familiar with the girl in the second image (Kiva) but boy is she hot. Definitely the type of girl whose feet I could spend the whole day massaging. Then there's that last image...that one completely threw me for a loop. I don't think that I've ever seen a Teen Titan's girls feet that up close. I'm still dizzy from staring at that picture so long. I really like all the detail that this artist put into it (i.e. the mountain background, the wrinkles in Terra's soles, the way her toes are playing with one another, her boot lying discarded on the side, the tiny window of perspective the viewer is given to see her face). O_O The artist really did a very amazing job.

In addition these treasures, Wieweet's gallery has more of Kiva and he's working on a new version of his Terra picture involving tickling. O_O


One of the main purposes of this bonus is to share and introduce people to some great foot artists. I hope that by the end everyone will have more pictures to favorite. In No-Pornography's case, I wasn't familiar with his artwork until Match showed me his pictures for this bonus. I was completely blown away. This person's artwork is spectacular. That first image of Suki with her feet propped up on the table is incredibly hot (so tempted to lick my screen while staring at it) and every picture after that was equally as good. I like the concept of the sleeping women in the second and last picture showing off their feet. They look really cute sleeping peacefully like that. I'm tempted to stroke my fingertips across Hinata's soles in the last one. Equally hot are the barefoot images of Temari and Yuffie. I think seeing both Ninja girls barefoot made everyone's day. I especially like the one where Yuffie shows off her soles because that Final Fantasy ninja barefoot is so rare. Speaking of the Yuffie picture, the photograph in the background is a really nice touch. Extra details totally rock!!

After seeing these images I have no doubt that all of you will be clicking on No-Pornography's gallery if you haven't already done so. ;-) You'll be glad that you did because his gallery is packed with barefoot girls including more women from Naruto, the girls from Bleach and a barefoot Kairi. A few of these women are even tied up and ready for you to play with. :-D

*Whew* I'm already in barefoot hotness overload and this is only the first of a 6 part set. :-D DA is a really great place to find foot related pictures.

A huge thanks to the Master of Sole Shots Match for organizing this bonus as well as the artists of Deviant Art for graciously agreeing to let me post their artwork here. Please check out their respective art pages on Deviant Art for more of their work.

Happy Holidays Everyone!!!