Friday, May 31, 2013

Aquagirl: Lorena Marquez (Bonus)

Ok...scratching another girl off the Hit is a tribute to the sexy superheroine Lorena Marquez AKA Aquagirl. Enjoy everyone!!

(I'd love to be invited to that slumber party)
(When I see this getup I can't help thinking Lara Croft)
(Lucky Oceanmaster!!)
 (Just some various webfinds (a lot of which are from Comicvine) highlighting some Lorena's best scenes. Massive Thank You to Shadowmandude for introducing me to the character)

Lorena is one of several female characters to have the title of Aquagirl. The nice thing about this Superheroine is that she (and may of the other women who have used the title of Aquagirl too) have been depicted as barefoot. While our ability to see her feet varies from costume to costume and the artists who draw her, there are a lot of great bare foot scenes involving her too. ^_^ 

Lorena seems like she would be a fun character to be around. She has a spunky and playful personality and clearly isn't afraid to speak her mind when she wants. Lorena's also bilingual so I imagine that she has a cute Spanish accent too. It would really great to be teased by her while she rubs her feet in your face. 

Like a lot of water girls, we do get to see Lorena don a swimsuit in a couple of issue and she has a great body. As of yet, I think that this version of Aquagirl has yet to appear in DC's rebooted new 52 universe. Hopefully, we'll see more of her in the future.

Ok...Tomorrow being the first of the month looks like it will be very busy. I'll try to post the results of both current polls, a new poll of the month (wonder what I should ask? ^_^;) as well as a tribute to the winner. You guys still have a chance to lock in your votes before it ends but I suspect that I know who it will be.

Anyway as always...more to come soon!!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Stitch! The Series: Piko

A blonde girl, rival to Yuna. Piko is self-centered, impatient and in some cases, a bit snobby. She often takes great pride to mock and deride Yuna and Stitch in any case, often ending with Yuna and her fighting. There's rare occasions where she and Yuna can get along though. Her father runs the island's pineapple plants and her family runs the highest rated hotels and resorts on Izayoi. There's a habit with Piko where when she's angered, she'll often end her ranting with a comparison of something akin to pineapples. She is also a black-team karate leader.