Friday, July 30, 2010

Rapunzel (Tangled Teaser plus Extra)

Hi guys...first off I just want to apologize for the lack of updates and slow e-mail response time etc. It's been another one of those busy weeks. ^_^; Anyway, our next blonde's hair is most recognizable attribute...It's the beautiful maiden Rapunzel. ^_^

S&M scene FTW. ;-P

(These are a combination of webfinds and caps from the movie trailer which guys can view here: The last image depicting her in a rather tight bikini is from the Grimm's Fairy Tales Swimsuit issue. A huge set of Thank Yous to Richfeet, Match25 (The Legendary Master of Sole Shots) and The Sole Keeper (who did a tribute to her earlier this year) for providing the material that made up this bonus. )

It really is awesome to be able to see a beautiful pair of CG feet. A lot of the time CG animators don't seem to bother depicting their female characters barefoot. I really hope this movie sets a trend. Similar to Monsters vs Aliens Teaser, this is sort of a warm up bonus while we wait for the movie to reach theaters. Hopefully there will be a lot more barefoot scenes to cap upon this movie reaching DVD. ;-)

When I was a kid the Rapunzel storyline scared me. Despite a happy ending both leads suffer terribly in the story and I had a really hard time enjoying it. I guess a lot of the original fairy tales were like that but this story in particular creeped me out. Because of that when I heard that Disney was doing a Rapunzel movie, I wasn't all that enthusiastic. However watching the trailer changed that. Rapunzel looks like she's a really feisty character. She's cute, charming and fun loving and to top it off she's even barefoot. The male lead seems really cool as well and after watching the trailer I'm all gung ho about seeing the film.

Regarding the last image, I recently got into reading the Zenescope Comic series Grimm's fairy tales, Return to Wonderland and Return to Neverland and was very impressed with the artwork. The women drawn be this company are depicted to be really hot and there seem to be a lot of barefoot scenes. Hopefully I'll be able to post more artwork from the series in the future.

Ok...still a few more blondes left to go. On that note more to come soon everyone!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Hot Pedicure!!

Sorry for the lack of posts recently guys. This weekend was really busy and I may still need a few more days to catch my breath. In the meantime here is a hot girl giving herself a pedicure to stare out. Keeping with our current theme...she's blonde. ;-)

(This webfind was sent in by DA's Bubblesishot46853 through Match25 (The Legendary Master of Sole Shots himself) thanks very much to both of you for it. :-D)

This girl looks really cute and I love her nail polish in this picture. ^_^ Bright colors rock :-D I wouldn't mind pampering her feet for her though she appears to be doing an excellent job on her own. :-D None of us were able to identify the character in this image. I wonder who she is.

Ok guys still a few more blondes left to post. (Some of which are megatributes and might take me a little while to upload :-D). I'm also working on a couple of new story additions as well. :-)

On that note...more to come soon!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Return of Samus (Bonus)

Ok...our next bombshell up* is the beautiful intergalactic bounty hunter Samus Aran. ^_^ The last time Samus was featured here...she was desperately lacking in foot scenes. Luckily, for this one...Mr. E managed to find an extremely rare live action version of her. (The Master of Webfinding at work ^_^) Enjoy guys!!

(These are a combination of various webfinds and caps from a very rare Metroid Zero Mission Commercial. Two of the hotter images depicting Samus in her Zero outfit are from this artist here. Also a massive thank you to the Master Webfinder and GTS Author Mr. E for being able catch this hottie without her footwear on.)

An earlier bonus involving Samus:

Samus is one of those characters that will always have a special place in my heart. As one of the early female video game protagonists, she easily joined Chun Li, and Sonya Blade as one of the objects of my teenage videogame girl crushes. I actually found out she was a girl from a female gamer friend who I had a friendship/rivalry with. ^_^; I remember my reaction to be one of disbelief which was quickly followed by a wow response. I think that as a femdom fan, it was really cool to see a female character portrayed as such a badass. (Something that only a few other games at the time let me experience) Samus was strong, powerful, quick, agile, and intelligent. She's the type of girl that you wouldn't want to mess with in a fight. Equally awesome is the fact that underneath her armor she is incredibly beautiful. (A fact that we get to see more and more of with each successive incarnation of the game.)

If you look at lists depicting the top female videogame characters...this character makes it onto them 95% of the time and rightfully so. ^_^ She's massively cool. :-)

Ok everyone a few more blondes still to come. Until Next Time!!

*Which takes on a whole new meaning since she can literally transform into one. :-D