Monday, February 24, 2014

Hey Arnold: Helga Pataki

Helga is the co-star of Hey Arnold. She is in love with Arnold, but keeps it a secret.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Kampfer: Shizuku Animations

Ok...since Shizuku won the last's a little bit of extra material for her. :-) A couple of animations and a swimsuit shot. ^_^ Some of the animations might take a little while to load ^_^; Just be patient. :-)
If you guys are interested I added a larger version of the above animation here.
(The Footsie scene is from Episode 14 of the Kampfer anime. Once again a Massive Thank You to His Divine Shadow for tipping me off to this series. ^_^)

Ok everyone. Here's my basic plan for the immediate future. Things are beginning to get busy for me again so I can't post as regularly as I would like. I think that what I'm going to do is try for a weekly post. That should allow me to keep things going at a moderate rate without completely burning out. I haven't decided which day to do it yet but it will probably be midweek. I know a lot of people have free time over the weekend so in theory it would allow material to be spread out more evenly with the other bloggers here. If I'm able to post more often, I will. As for what posts I'll be making, probably a lot of catch up posts like previous poll winner tributes, the Hit List and some of the long term projects I've been working on. I'll also try to revive the Spotlights column and do some new projects as well. I think it will be fun. ^_^

Anyway, more to come soon guys!!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Digimon Adventure 02: Chichos

Chichos is a Chosen Child living in Mexico. She is partnered with a Gottsumon.