Monday, August 31, 2009

Jessie/Jessilinda (Updated)

Update: Added some extra shots from Juancho including some closeups on Jessie's toes and one more massage picture. O_O

Well, I'm still working on the megabonus...but instead it is time to Prepare for trouble. Yup here's a villainess tribute to team rocket's Jessie. Enjoy guys!!

Those are some really lucky kids getting to give Jessie a massage like that. ^_^

(These were capped from various episodes of Pokemon including an arc involving her Jessilinda costume. A huge thanks to Juancho for finding and capping this set of episodes for me including the episodes "Camping it up!", "Up Close and Personable!", "Ghoul Daze!" and "One Team, Two Team, Red Team, Blue Team!". I also tossed in a couple of shots from Otakuphrenia as well.)

Just in case you guys haven't had you fill of this hottie's feet is some more of the sexy Team Rocket bad girl.

One of the great things about Jessie, is that she is a master of diguise. When one of her costumes involves her in sandals and glasses, it no doubt makes for some really happy foot fetishists. :-) She actually wears this "Jessilinda" disguise for a couple of episodes. ^_^ It's also nice to see a hot woman enjoy a foot massage. I think like the rest of the villainesses, using her feet to dominate people seems to come naturally to her. Lucky for us. :-D

Wow how many redheaded villainesses have we seen so far? I guess writers and animators a lot love redheaded bad girls. ^_^

Ok next up...we're gonna take a short break from to villainess bonus to tribute this month's poll winner (speaking of which last chance to vote in the current poll everybody). However, more villainess action to come soon!!

For now KSC's blasting off again.... ....*ding*

Friday, August 28, 2009

Villainess Takeover: Left Foot

All right cue the music because the next bad girl to show off her fancy footwork is the dancing queen Left foot.

(Sorry about the quality of these caps. ^_^; They're from the Team Galaxy Episode "Dance Dance Elimination." A huge thanks to the Legendary Master of Sole Shots Match25 for finding this awesome character.)

If ever there was a villainess that catered to the foot fetish would be this girl. Not only does her name make you think of feet, her footwear is packed with weaponry and she attacks by stomping and kicking her opponent. To top it off in her debut episode, her shoes gets glued to the floor and she finishes off the fight in her bare feet. O_O

One of the draws of this bad girl for me is that she loves videogames. An ultra rare Female gamer woo hoo!! The downside of that is that she's a pretty sore loser and has been known to turn the people who wind up beating her in a vs. match into her slaves. Wait... now that I think about it, is that a good thing or a bad thing?

Anyway, more villainess action to come soon!!

I'm working on a mega-bonus set as you're reading this. ;-)