Sunday, September 5, 2010

Totally Spies: More Mandy including Animations Updated

Hi everyone...I'm still working on Kairi's bonus...but in the meantime here is a little more of the Clover's rival Mandy.

gif animator
Gif animator
gif animator

(These are a combination of webfinds and animations created from the Totally Spies Movie and episode "Attack of the 50 Foot Mandy". Massive Thank You to the Legendary Master of Sole Shots Match25 for inspiring and making gifs for this tribute.)

O_O Kind of at a loss for words I'll leave to enjoy the entry here. I'll try to post Kairi soon guys.


  1. Nice. I thought that Match did a great job with the GIF.

    I gotta say, I would love to be dominated by Mandy's rich bitch feet ;)

  2. Thanks guys and yeah being dominated by Mandy's feet would be really awesome. ^_^

  3. curse how such a evil girl can have such lovely feet

  4. I don't know if that's much of a curse Match, it seems more like a blessing to me ;)

  5. Shoot, that reminds me of a couple animations I have been overdue in making. I'd better get to it...

    The ones in the post are fine. Unfortunately all gifs with lots of colors will end up grainy like that.

  6. You guys can have her,.she's way too bitchy for me. Plus I can't stand her voice.

  7. Bad news guys, gf won't let me have the Kairi photos unless she gets paid. =((((

  8. What a memorable episode. I especially loved the barefoot sequences with Clover.

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  10. Hey guys sorry for not responding for awhile been busy celebrating Rosh Hashannah with my family. I'll try and catch up on everything over the weekend.

    O_O wonder what animations they are Veroom? Yeah...I'm still very new to making gif. Supposedly you can make make them with Photoshop (sadly I don't have that program). ^_^

    Bitchy I like...though I have to agree you about her voice Stefan. Have to give her voice actress props though. She also does the voice for Sam. :-)

    That's alright Feetintheclouds. Thanks very much for trying anyway. ^_^

    Thanks Orcha...yeah the Clover scenes in the episode rocked. ^_^

    O_O Cool blog Dogtrash. Foot fetish stories, anime characters and celebrities are an awesome combination.

  11. I use GIMP for animations.

    I'm not sure how it compares to Photoshop, but once you get the hang of the blend tool and gif optimization (and Positioned color dithering if the animation has smooth shading) you can make some nice stuff with it.

    As a sample of one of the things I wanted to make, this animation has 44 frames and complicated shading, but is barely bigger than the 2-9 frame animations of Mandy.

  12. Weird, the upload simplified it. Still, 24 frames might be smooth enough.

  13. O_O Have to Check that gimp out Veroom.

    Wow...that Roll animation was awesome. :-) Heh heh...even at 24 blows the online gif making site (which has a 10 frame minimum) out of the water. Thank you for sharing it. :-)

  14. Ok goes...

    May 1 to 1 She's really developed quite the lead for this month.

    Chun Li 3 to 1 She has a little bit of ground to cover if she wants to overtake May.

    Sakura 5 to 1 She's more well known then I gave her credit for...Awesome!!

    Mimi 7 to 1 I expected her to do fairly well in this (and she seems to be) but she's going to have a lot of consecutive votes rather quickly if she wants to win this. ^_^;

    Lita 10 to 1 Sailor Jupiter is hot but she'll have to be lightning quick if she wants to catch up with May. Still its possible her votes might spike due to future events.

    Christie 12 to 1 Expected her to be a frontrunner too being a sexy barefoot Capoeira fighter. Tekken doesn't seem to be as well known as one would expect though. She is hot though so it's possible she might surprise us.

    Hitomi 12 to 1 Another hot a side thing I'm curious whether or not she will overtake Christie. As it stands these two are neck to neck. :-)

    Fujiko 16 to 1 Fukiko is a hottie but she's somewhat rare. It's going to be hard for her to compete with some of the more well known members of this poll.

    Yukari 17 to 1 Very hot teacher with a memorable personality...may not be as well known as some of the others but pretty cute. :-D

    Sophie 20 to 1 Longshot from the get go but its nice to know she has a couple of fans. I like her though...she's very cute. :-)

  15. Working on the next entry now...hopefully over the weekend. ^_^

  16. May - No Bets - She won when the poll went up. If she doesn't win this, there's been cheating.

    So I'll try different odds:

    May getting 1,000 votes - 6/4
    Chun Li keeping 2nd place - 1/8
    Sakura taking 2nd place - 10/1
    Mimi taking 2nd place - 12/1
    Lita keeping 5th place - 4/6
    Christie beating Hitomi - 4/5
    Hitomi taking 5th place - 3/1
    Fujiko Mine at least 6th - 7/1
    Yukari getting 50 votes - 2/1
    Sophia not finishing last - 8/1

  17. Wow...nice set of odds for each of the characters Veroom. :-) Should be interesting to see how second place plays out. :-D

  18. May: 1-1 (As soon as I saw her, I knew she was going to be taking this)

    Chun-Li: 3-1 (A video game icon and the only one who has even a chance of beating May...though it is slim)

    Sakura: 4-1 (Though she is cute, her anime isn't all that well known at the moment)

    Mimi: 9-1 (I'm surprised that she's doing this well. I guess Digimon was more popular then I initially thought)

    Lita: 10-1 (She's not doing bad and she is my favorite out of the Sailor Scouts...unfortunately, she doesn't have a chance in beating May)

    Christie: 13-1 (My personal favorite in this and I wanted her to win but Tekken isn't as popular as the other series in this poll)

    Hitomi: 14-1 (A sexy German girl, though she doesn't have much chance to win this, the battle between her and Christie is pretty interesting)

    Fujiko Mine: 18-1 (I was pleasantly surprised to see her on this list, though, I doubt she's going to win this poll)

    Yukari: 20-1 (She seems to have her fans...but it's unlikely she will beat May)

    Sophia: 22-1 (The obscurity of her game as one the reasons she is struggling.)

  19. Playing Catch-up. ^_^; Added a quick update with an extra shot of Mandy's soles courtesy of the Master of Sole Shots. Thanks again Match. ^_^

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  21. Hey, i've just found Vivi(one Piece) feet. I forgot what episode it is, but i remember it's in the episode before Luffy goes to Drum Island, when Nami sick and the crew looking for a doctor. It's very many shots of her feet.

  22. you mean these pics?

  23. @Match25: Oh, so they are already exist, thanks for telling me 'bout this... Anyway, thanks!