Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Poll 32 Results

Well the 32nd Poll of the Month has come to an end...or has it?!! After a whopping 2132 are the results...

Wow...for the first time in Anime Feet history we officially have a tie. It looks like most fans prefer their female feet to be both ticklish and playful. ^_^ In second place was soft feet and dominant feet took 3rd. Closing out the top 5 was dirty feet which also answers the sub question whether dirty feet or clean feet are preferred among fans by very narrow margin. As for the rest of these qualities...they all have people who look for them and even the most dangerous type of feet have people who like them too.

As always I just want to give a huge thank you to everyone for voting and sharing their opinions. It's really interesting to see what qualities people look for when it comes to female feet. ^_^

However, this poll isn't quite over yet...since this one ended in a gives me a chance to test my really cool Tie-breaker method... SUDDEN DEATH. Yup in a special bonus guys get to decide once and for all which quality you prefer most between ticklish or playful feet. This extra poll (ending at noon tomorrow New York time) will be available for one day only. Have fun everybody!!


  1. Just for the personal favorite type of female feet are Dominant feet. Forced foot worship is hot!!^_^ Anyway great voting everyone. :-)

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  3. I wanted Dominant feet to win as well KSC I also find foot dominance hot as well.

    I'm personally rooting for playful feet for this one. Ticklish feet has one every single type of these polls thus far and I want to see another type of feet in the spotlight

  4. Thanks Breakthewalls...Yeah Dominant feet are great. ^_^ It's looks like a lot of people agree with you...Playful feet seem to be leading the bonus round by a large margin.

  5. For it being a tie last month this really isnt a contest...guess i shouldn't of expected it to be close

  6. Playful feet are definitely really great. ^_^

  7. amazing tie between Ticklish Feet and Playful Feet

    I think I still voted for Soft, but I'd also pick Playful since it sounds fun