Sunday, June 3, 2012

Teen Titans: Starfire

I'm pretty sure everyone and their uncle knows who Starfire is, so I won't bore you with a lot of text. I'll just say that it sucks that is is the only foot shot she gets in the whole series.

As always, more to come!


  1. Beautiful! But actually, there's one more foot scene with her.

    If you look up the episode where this snobby blonde chick forces Robin to go on a date with her, Starfire freaks out to the point where she jumps right out of her boots. Only happens for a second, but you get a clear shot of both of her bare feet.

  2. also the episode where she starts changing, her toenails shred her boots and goes barefoot for a while if i remember right

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  3. That is true, but not quite as cute. I wanted to enjoy it, but she basically gets hobbit feet for most of the episode.

  4. So wish Raven went barefoot. I still think barefoot sandals would have fit her appearance better

  5. Raven is barefoot in two issues of the Titans comic book.